Friday, December 29, 2017


My formative years were somewhat dominated by Herr Schikelgruber and company in the  ghastly final solution, the death camps, the horrors suffered by citizens of Europe who were unfortunate in their origins, and the great crime of state sponsored antisemitism.

Yes there was an equal, if far less lethal treatment of Afro Americans in their struggle for emancipation that could manifest in  cases of racial denigration and disadvantage from their journey that mostly began in servitude but they were fed, housed and for some there was a way to a sort of freedom, bit of a contrast to the Jews of occupied Europe.

There was a growing awareness of the unfortunate pathway for those who opposed the "party"in totalitarian  countries,  in the main Russia and its Soviet along with Mainland China, where starvation, transportation and murder that came upon some in many ways with guilt of any real crime largely absent.

Then there was another influence from  Bible stories that had me somewhat mystified as to how Pontious Pilate's actions leading to the death by Crucifixion for Jesus of Nazareth being down to the Jews. Other Bible stories that formed much of what became a basis for what I now understand to be Judeo Christian principles that make me what I am.
Samaria, Galilee, Judea became victims over centuries to marauding armies of Persians, Egyptians, and Romans that led to the Diaspora for the people of the twelve tribes of Israel.

So with enlightenment, antisemitism became something quite bad along with sexism, racism, fascism, and  other plethora of isms.
The conundrum for moi in the 21st century comes with a rising up again in the 21st century of worldwide antisemitism when it is applied to what has occurred in the homeland of Jesus of Nazareth since the survivors of all the state sponsored destruction of Jewry following  the expulsion of the Islamic Ottomans in the wash up of The Great War facilitated a return to their "Tangata Whenua", resulting in a 'win' in 1948 creating the foundations of modern Israel
Meanwhile a destructive intent actually included in the policies of Hamas and Hezbolah as official doctrine yet never condemned in anything remotely approaching that reserved  for peak antisemitism as occurred under the well documented "Final  Solution".

So Donald Trump intends to deliver on an election promise, a promise  that was made successively by Clinton , Bush and Obama, and that is somehow very very bad, give me a break.

Any prospect of a two nation "settlement" for the land of Israel when there are two pretend states with a well published intent to destroy the "other of the 'Two' States" all seems somewhat Alice in  Wonderland".
While a main driver comes from  the laughable UNHRC with its dodgy membership including such iconic purveyors of Human Rights such  as Saudi, Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan, that has snowflakes and luvvies united in a rising tide of anti Jew activity that seems a lot like the terrible antisemitic behaviours once condemned by so many.
All along with a total absence of intent from  the Palestinians and their well healed funders to  actually address the too often appalling deprivations that occur, in particular around Gaza, a total shambles  that only survives by way of aid and comfort from Israel and its democratic state funders while the plight of Gaza is only given aid by their  Islamic "friends" to bomb, kill and maim.
Zero  apparent policy intent to actually improve the lot of the increasingly damaged residents of Gaza

The question is when is antisemitism OK, never, I might have thought.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is quite astonishing how a mythical character was introduced at the Nicaea conference (325)as son of God for political reasons not religious has managed to nearly cause the demise of of an entire religion.

Firstly there was no Jesus, no 25th Dec and no Bethlehem. There was a man called Joseph whose name mistranslated into Greek (and back) become Jesus. It is very strange how this bloke Jesus was regarded as a thorn in the Romans side, resistance leader, scourge of the Pharisee's and miracle worker when it came to catering and publicly executed amid great pomp and ceremony yet no contemporary writings of the day mention him. Not in Greek, Latin, Hebrew or Egyptian. Funny how Pontious Pilate a lowly beaurocrat is mentioned though. We have to wait thirty years before someone mentions the word Jesus.

When it comes to massacres the Muslims are way behind us Christians who have been happily beating up on the Jews since Jewish massacres.

Of course it is not helped when the Dudley Dorights confuse antisemitism with anti Zionism.

The Embassy will be built about the same time as the wall....and be just as effective. Smoke, mirrors and twitter.

Lord Egbut