Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Call it everway whatever ... The election of Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore by over 20,000 votes in the Alabama Senate election race to replace Republican Jeff Sessions was a body blow to the President Trump and the Republican Party.

Alabama is Red, Red territory.   Up until yesterday the Republicans held both Senate seats and six out of the seven seats in the House of Representatives.     The last Democrat to win a Senate seat went out of office two decades ago.   The result is akin to Labour winning Whangarei or National winning  Palmerston North,

Trump's (belated) decision to back Moore and the failure of the Republican Party to pull the rug from his candidature is dumb politics.   Sure Moore is innocent until proven guilty but actually that's not the point.   You stand behind a candidate accused of sexual misconduct and you pay a heavy heavy price.   You can argue that politics ain't fair.   So what ... never has been.


Anonymous said...

Or Labour winning Kensington in London..........oh wait, that did happen.

Don't be taken in by the results veteran, it's fake news pushed out by the rabid fake media...Moore won by a landslide....Donny told me and Adolf....he'll back me on this.

Lord Egbut

PS....More fake news.......

Jacinda's Auntie said...

Jeff Sessions won that Senate seat with 97% of the vote.

Moore reminds me more every day of this other bloke under a cowboy hat.

Judge Holden said...

But, but, but, the great prognosticator told us all Moore would win! Just like English, Romney and McCain won. Adolf? Adolf? Adolt? What happened there buddy? You’re usually so good...

George said...

Its the latest political hitjob.
A short time before an election put it about that the candidate has form.
Find a woman who 'believes' and believe you me they're out there.
Not enough time to check or refute the story.
Then, after the election, the claimant sinks quietly into history with a few bob

David said...

You so funny George. And desperate.

It wasn't a woman who 'believes' , it was a number of women. Then there was the corroboration by a number of men.

Then there was Moore's threat to sue the media who published the allegations. Why no writs yet? Because he knew he would lose.

It wasn't just a woman who 'believes' , it was the 58% of all women, 35% of white women, and 98% of black women voted against having an ephebophile as their Senator.

Paulus said...

Wait until we see in New Zealand old sexual indiscretions being aired.
Some in Parliament should be worried that the cult will get them, although the media cannot be trusted as they are partisan.

Andrei said...

What does it matter as we all know American " democracy" is a total farce

The ludicrousness of this whole circus is the most famous abuser of women William Jefferson Clinton gets a pass and all the pundits who are gloating over this would fall over themselves to kiss his stinking asshole given the opportunity.

David said...

Andreji,talk to any usaian and they will freely tell you it is not a d.emocracy, it is a Republic.

You need to get over your Clinton fetish. What brand of mouthwash do you use after licking Putin's, Arse?

Judge Holden said...

In Russia you don’t lick arsehole, arsehole lick you.

It’s a bit rich to have a putinphile (mighty half-naked horsey rider) disparaging American democracy though, niet?

andy said...

Should have been Mo Brooks instead of Moore for the GOP.
Brooks would have won!

David said...

The Religious Reich campaigned for Alabamians to elect a Christian to The Senate, Alabamians duly complied and elected a True Christian, not a lying, cheating, ephebophile, who used Christianity as a cover for his multitude of sins.