Sunday, November 5, 2017


I see that the coalition agreement negotiated by Winston First with Labour contains a commitment to establish a Museum at Waitangi honoring the men of WW2's  28 (Maori) Battalion.

That's nice ... but what about similar for 18 Battalion and Armoured Regiment; 19 Battalion and Armoured Regiment; 21 Battalion, 22 Battalion; 23 Battalion; 24 Battalion; 25 Battalion, 26 Battalion;  Div Arty et al.    Those soldiers too served with honor and distinction.   What's so special about 28 (Maori) Battalion.

But hold on ... the long established and internationally recognised National Army Museum at Waiouru (Te Mata Toa) honors all those who fought regardless of race.   Why this then? ... especially from a Party that campaigned on doing away with the Maori seats because they were race based and divisive (and folded on their commitment at the first opportunity).

Humbug and double humbug.   NZF couldn't lie straight in bed.    A good spend of taxpayer money NOT.


Anonymous said...

Quite agree but I don't think it will happen. All the worthwhile artefacts and original items have been gathered up now except for personal mementoes. It will be quite ordinary and it's in the wrong place as far as patronage goes. Who is going to subsidise it after it proves a flop?

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

The tax payer of course. I'm near skint now so will have to sell an organ I guess which is a pity as I'm still using it.


Unknown said...

And regardless of the above, such a museum properly belongs in the excellent Army museum at Waiouru - where of course the Maori Battalion and all its brothers are proudly celebrated already.