Monday, November 13, 2017


Even  when they became winners after being selected by a man whose party scored a mere seven percent of the vote and that seven  percent had a never disclosed number of voters who wanted that man to go with National, by far the largest party, Comrade Taxinderella might be just a little naïve.

A self opinionated socialist who in a classic case of megalomania calls himself  "Bomber" when in fact Bombastic is as close as he gets to the sobriquet bestowed on the commander of Bomber Command in UK during WW2, Sir Arthur Harris.

In a post at his website The Daily Blog, this small minded  numpty has attacked the National party for their decisive victory in Battle number one of the new Parliament where because the three headed Hydra couldn't do sums, Bridges managed to bluff a dominant position on select committees for that largest party.

Included in his rant Bradbury reverted to Godwin for support and most intelligent people understand that using That "Law" is a first indication the argument is lost.

Herr Schikelgruber came o the chancellorship of Deutschland from President Hindenburg with a vote around  that which Taxinderella gained in election 2017 in NZ but that is where it ends. Nationals 46 percent  in Germany c1932 was equal to a plethora of parties all less than Hitlers Nazi party putting Bradbury's pathetic linkage in never never land context.

Cindy also is sans the "brown shirts" whose unlawful street  intimidation, thuggery and even murder makes another massive hole in Martyn Martin's analogy, rather tenuous.

Within the intended scenario of the Sainte- Lague  system that NZ  MMP has adopted that favours smaller parties over larger, allowing a level of leverage to charlatans to manipulate the system, it is what it is and I wonder if the Bradburys of this world actually comprehend what is happening.

Just because a NZLP led opposition over nine years failed to even dent the program of Key and then English due to interminable infighting, ignorance and pathetic tactics, does not logically mean that National will do similar and what happened last week is but a portent of what may lie in store for the Peters/Ardern outfit with little Jimmy two mums aimlessly following in bewilderment, from a party in opposition with a very large well informed block of 46%

Of course while dwelling in the 1930s and 40s there was another Martin near the very highest echelons of the Nasty Party and his end was never discovered.

Be very careful what you wish for "Bombastic", another oft quoted  homily from the real Bomber Harris is "The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind."
And a whirlwind it became.


Anonymous said...

Martins skeleton has been identified buried not far from the centre of Berlin. Killed by a Russian shell it is believed. Why do keep trying to link Nazi history with the NZLP?

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Psycho Milt said...

It's pretty funny that you've written a post that demonstrates a lack of understanding of how MMP works and what having a parliamentary majority means, with the title "Too many socialists don't understand democracy."

gravedodger said...

Bradbury linked the Nazis to the three ring circus Mr Butt.
Nice to amuse you Milt, what bit of a seven % with an assumed but not revealed mandate fit with Democracy did I miss? Fishing industry muscle flexing amidst GP resounding silence perhaps.

Psycho Milt said...

It's a parliament - whoever has the majority forms the government. That majority could be made up of one party, or any number of parties (eg, the last government had four). If it involves a number of parties, getting a majority comes down to which side's better able to negotiate agreements with potential coalition partners. That's how parliaments work and there's nothing remotely undemocratic about it.

You seem annoyed that Labour are better at negotiating a coalition agreement than National and are making a case that NZ First holding the balance of power is undemocratic because they only got 7% of the vote. It's amusing because under FPP, elections were routinely decided by a few tens of thousands of swing voters in close electorate races, which often resulted in "landslide" victories for parties that got significantly less than half the vote. That was a crap political system delivering undemocratic results - what we have now is exactly the parliament that the voters chose.

Ciaron said...

You seem annoyed that Labour are better at negotiating a coalition agreement than National and are making a case that NZ First holding the balance of power is undemocratic because they only got 7% of the vote.

Nah, I think it's because there is an unquantified number of NZF voters who wanted Peters to form a government with National, and are not amused with being counted as "left", or part of "a mood for change". IMHO, if you let the scorpion ride on your back to cross the river, don't be surprised if you drown half way...

David said...

If you want a National government, vote National. If you vote NZ First never be surprised at what you get.

As for the OAP from Akaroa - he has never understood how democracy works.

Psycho Milt said...

"...there is an unquantified number of NZF voters who wanted Peters to form a government with National..."

Sure. There's a proportion who wanted them to form a government with Labour too. I still don't get what would prompt a person to think "I'd like National/Labour to form the government, so I'll vote for NZ First and hope they join National/Labour in government." That makes no sense whatsoever.

NZ First has conservative and progressive elements, so anyone voting for them is effectively saying they love surprises and never more so when it comes to who's going to govern the country. Which is kind of funny, because when you meet NZF supporters they never strike you as the kind of people who'd like surprises...

Ciaron said...

I did not say NZF voters (or NZF policies) make sense.
I merely pointed out that a number of them did not get what they thought they'd get. I am not saying they are entitled to feel this way as we're talking about the promises of WRP for goodness sake, but I do sympathize with the feeling of being cheated.

Anonymous said...

If we're all primarily concerned about democracy and how MMP ostensibly works, here's a poser. Why does the Green Party remain as a separate party given their recent acknowledgment they'd only ever go into a coalition with Labour rather than National? Wouldn't it be simpler if they formally merged with Labour?

Johno said...

It's so they can trick some gullible blue-green voters into voting for them, by giving them the false impression that they are an environmental party.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the issue is that a bunch of voters attempt to think and vote tactically but the politicians don't even pretend to play the game unless its a blatant arrangement such as exists between ACT and National. On that basis David is right - if you want a National govt vote for one. Personally I agree with Peter Hitchens - voting is like shopping, if there's nothing you like don't buy anything.