Saturday, November 18, 2017


The comment by Adam Blair, Kiwi Captain, after being bundled out of the RLWC Quarter Final by Fiji.

"We won't be taking too many negatives out of this game".

FFS ... there isn't any real League competition in Fiji.   WTF does that say about the Kiwis and New Zealand League.

Ar least 'Bluey' McClennan, ex Kiwi and Warriors coach and Sky League commentator, had it right when he said Blair's comments were dumb as was the Kiwi team.


Gerald said...

"[We] have to go back and reflect on what we've done in the tournament," Blair said.
“It's not a negative for us. We're going to build something here and we've got some great young talent coming through."

The Veteran said...

Gerlad .. I'll go with McClennan on this. It was a dumb comment from the captain of a 'team' that played dumb.

pdm said...

I read somewhere else that Blair's after match interview was at least as embarrassing as the team performance. If the NZ players want to restore credibility they could give their match fees to Fiji Rugby League to help their cause next weekend.

Shame the Fiji Rugby team couldn't quite pull off the double by beating Ireland last night.

Wilbur said...

The Warriors need a tune up too. If they don't get it together in the next couple of years, do the merciful thing and shut 'em down. Allow a more deserving club to enter the fray. Shaun Johnson last night was a disgrace, and the Warriors pay him $1mil.

The Veteran said...

Wilbur ... don't disagree with you re Johnson. You have to feel for the likes of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Simon Mannering who give their all each game only to be let down by the rest of the rabble.

Dollars to donuts Tuivasa-Sheck will return to Rugby after the end of the 2018 season.
He deserves better.