Tuesday, November 21, 2017


St Jacinda is developing a reputation big noting, gossip, tittle-tattle, and its come back to bite her with a vengeance.     Last week she let slip that in meeting President Trump he thought she was Justin Trudeau's wife ... more grist to the 'dummkopf' legend.   The story made international news.

When pressed for details she backtracked and said she had heard that from a third party whom she declined to name.    Pressed further and she said that when she met Trump he knew exactly who she was.  

So Ms Ardern passes on gossip knowing it to be untrue.   She needs to grow up and realize she is no longer Comrade Ardern, President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, but Prime Minister of the country and act accordingly.    She embarrasses herself and embarrasses us.

One thing for sure ... her deliberate slighting of President Trump will not have gone unnoticed in the United States.  


Anonymous said...

Good god, gossip and tittle tattle who would stoop to such levels and who in the international community gives a monumental fuck. I probably wont vote for her next time because she missed a golden opportunity to kick the Mango in the crutch.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... Trump is an idiot and an embarrassment. We can agree on that. But Ardern in saying something about him that is, by her own admission, not true and having then to back-track plays into his hands and calls her own judgement and fitness for office into question.

Johno said...

It follows a pattern for this government - to be frugal with the truth and a disagreeable habit of telling little white lies.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For an embarrassing idiot he's got his economy going pretty well and he enjoys a higher popularity among his voting public than any of Europe's leaders.

Some idiot eh?

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... Trumps approval rating among American voters after one year in office is 39%.

This compares with his predecessors thus ...

Barack Obama 51% Nov 2009
George W. Bush 87% Nov 2001
Bill Clinton 49% Nov 1993
George H.W. Bush 70% Nov 1989
Ronald Reagan 53% Nov 1981
Jimmy Carter 56% Nov 1977
Richard Nixon 67% Nov 1969
John Kennedy 79% Nov 1961
Dwight Eisenhower 69% Nov 1953

I agree Trump is polling higher than the three Ms (Merkel, Macron and May)... four if you include Charles Manson ... but he's dead.

Anonymous said...

Veteran.....I expect if it had been done over a nice cup of tea in a waterside cafe then we could have ignored it,,,damn won't she ever learn.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

"He's got the economy going pretty good".......the ship of state is like a real ship. You spin the wheel to starboard and it takes ages for the bow to start moving.

It takes an aircraft carrier nearly five miles to stop. Any improvement or decline in a countries fortunes were the results of decisions made well before a year in the past.

The next president will be in office for two years before any of Trumps fuckups become apparent.....but then again he may accidentally do well.

Lord Egbut

Judge Holden said...

Poor Adolt. After years of guffawing and gloating about what the thought were Obama’s poor approval ratings he’s left suggesting that Trump’s historical levels of unpopularity as wonderful. When Trump’s stock market crashes after he fails to get his tax cuts for the rich through the pair of them are going to have a breakdown. At least Adolt doesn’t have access to the nuclear codes...

Vet’s still blabbing I see.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Mr Holden ... I'm with you on Trump and I'm 'blabbing'. What does that make you?