Saturday, November 25, 2017


It is somewhat amusing (or sad) that the principal blogs on the left and particularly 'No Right Turn' and 'The Daily Blog' are heavy handed with their moderation and are not adverse to banning contributors who argue the toss with their 'party' line.

Can't speak for Whaleoil but certainly Kiwiblog and this blog are much more forgiving than NRT, the DB and others.   For myself and I enjoy the debate while accepting as a given that some respondents will hold very strong and different views to my own.   The only time I would consider banning a  commentator would be if he/she called my integrity into question. 

Why is it that many blogs on the 'right' are more tolerant of dissent than those on the 'left' ... interesting question. 


Lou said...

The left are still convinced their way of thinking is the only way. Government control of everything is the only way. They only failed last Century because the implementation was poorly executed (along with 150 million people)

In their dreams they will definitely get it right this century!!!

Tunnel vision allows no dissent or contrary opinion. The open exchange of ideas cannot be tolerated as it too easily shows up the holes in their thinking.

J Bloggs said...

AFAIK, No Right Turn doesn't actually allow commenting at all, so you can't really discuss it in the context of moderation (it's more of a private soapbox for the author).

Pete George does a reasonably balanced job of maintaining order at YourNZ

Ditto Chris Trotter at Bowalley Rd (One of the better places to have intelligent debate on left politics)

Kiwiblog is lightly moderated, but is also a bit of a cesspit in places because of it. The biggest difference between KB and the The Standard is that the regular attack dogs on HB don't have moderating power, while those on TS do, and use it to enforce thier POV.

TBD and WO are not worth wasting time on

Judge Holden said...

Try disagreeing or even being mildly critical of the racist and idiotic views of Adolt, or telling him he’s a lying liar when he lies and see how quickly you get banned, hypocrite.

Gerald said...

Just about fell out of the chair.
"Why is it that many blogs on the 'right' are more tolerant of dissent than those on the 'left'."
Gee I don't know.....ADOLF comes to mind.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Holden and Gerald.

Stop telling lies.

You failed to read the blog rules and you consistently flouted them. You were not banned for your ideas. You don't have any. You were banned for abusing your blog host. And you thought you were sooooooo fucking clever.

Waikikumukau News said...

Yes, we all failed to read "the blog rules" which, when you inquire about same are nowhere to be found.

Adolf -“But the rules were on display…”

Me - “On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”

Adolf - “That’s the rules department.”

Me - “With a flashlight.”

Adolf - “Ah, well, the lights had probably gone.”

Me - “So had the stairs.”

Adolf - “But look, you found the rules, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.”

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And that's why Te Kauwhaka too is banned. Couldn't look to save himself.

" House Rules 1 Blog commenters who cast aspersions upon the character or intelligence of Adolf will find themselves ejected from No Minister 2 Godwins so-called law is not recognised here. 3 Repeated use of obscene language will not be tolerated."

Waikikumukau News said...

Its a bit hard to throw nasturtiums at the character or intelligence of a wet sock.

Most blogs that like to have rules post them in an easy to see place, like a sidebar, or at the head of the blog. Troll Adolt DLT likes to hide them from newbies and then pull out the ban stick when such a newbie breaks a fucking rule they had never previously seen.

Judge Holden said...

Correct. Adolt’s own posts serve amply to cast aspersions on both his character and intelligence. It’s when that’s pointed out to him that he loses his rag and lunges for the delete button. However, this is about the breathtaking gall of Vet suggesting the right is tolerant of alternative views. Try suggesting that the assassination of the President of the United States or the wholesale genocide of Muslims is a bit extreme to that weird gay guy KG and Cwusader Rabbit and see how long you last.

The Veteran said...

J Bloggs ... I agree 100% with your comments re Bowalley Road. I take my lead from him.

The Veteran said...

Mr Holden ... does pot and kettle resonate with you at all?

Anonymous said...

Naughty Veteran....casting such a juicy fly on still waters. I have to admit several months ago I thought I would have some fun with the whale. I posted some pretty bad Islamophobic stuff hat would have had me arrested in the street and much to my surprise it was kept on. The next day I changed tack on a another post and pointed out some of the glaring errors in his posts and generally acted as sympathetic to Muslims.....I was removed.

I don't know if it has filtered through the fog of Adolf's brain cell yet but it is apparent that not even his fellow bloggers think highly of him.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


What makes you think I am in the slightest bit interested in the opinion of other bloggers?

Gerald said...

He knows you're not interested. You fit the profile of a troll.
All trolls are interested in is annoying others.

Wilbur said...

Whaleoil is the worst, actually. I was permanently banned for asking what I thought was a legitimate question. Although I see the moderator Pete Belt is now gone, maybe he's realized it's more lucrative to go back to selling sex toys online. I don't know.

Waikikumukau News said...

Quickest way to get banned from WO is to ask a question they refuse to answer - How much does Israel pay you per post? They are paid shills for Israel, part of a worldwide network of bloggers constantly pushing the Mossad / Likud lies about Israels need for Lebensraum to justify their dispossession of Palestinians.

The Veteran said...

Waikikumukau News ... I'm open to shill for anyone at a reasonable rate (determined by me) as long as I am allowed the disclaimer 'these views are not necessarily those of the author'.

Any takers ... waiting, waiting