Sunday, November 5, 2017


with the West and seek to revive the stalled free-trade talks with Russia, a pariah State shunned by the international community following their invasion of the Ukraine and Crimea in 2014 ... and why would Labour agree to such a move?

Interesting question especially as Winston has opposed virtually every free-trade agreement we have ever signed up to.

The move has already attracted international criticism.   Bernard Savage, the European Union's Ambassador to New Zealand said such a move would be viewed in a 'very negative' light and would 'complicate New Zealand's efforts later this year to secure a free-trade deal with the EU'.

Just why you would move to harm relationships with our third largest trading partner where our two way trade is already in excess of $20b annually and instead cosy up to a country that sees itself as perpetually at war with the West fair escapes me ... Labour will regret being rolled on this one ... or perhaps not.   They hold the Trade and Export Growth Portfolio (Parker).   The balls in their court and they might just choose to hit it out of court.

Russia has, in the past, bought elections.   Perhaps, just perhaps, they made a judicious 'investment' in Winston First.   If they have then it looks like that investment is already paying dividends.   

The Cabinet could become a free-fire zone.



Andrei said...

"...Russia, a pariah State shunned by the international community following their invasion of the Ukraine and Crimea in 2014"

What a load of crap

Crimea was Russian before Captain Cook sighted New Zealand

What really happened is the USA has been meddling in Ukraine for 25 years and in the process has transformed what was the richest and most developed region of the USSR into a European Somalia

Kiev the mother city of Russian civilization is subject to vile Western innovations like gay pride parades and other Western squalor

The ancient Russian city of Odessa is now the biggest source of trafficked women in the world, women trafficked to serve the sex trade while the seaport itself is " owned " by a Texan company - Texas is a long way from the Black Sea

I'll bet you if you asked the people of this world not the so called " international community" who they admired most the USA or Russia it would be Russia that would get the nod because it doesn't create mayhem and havoc across the globe.

What are the gnomes of the EU? Nothing but American ass lickers who sell their own people out to suck up to the USA

Anonymous said...

You are confusing the gnomes of Zurich with the democratically elected EU parliament of the EU. Banging on about Russia good and everyone else is bad is not a form of argument I recognise. Most people who are interested in the subject are quite capable of researching it which makes your spin a bit redundant.

Lord Egbut

Judge Holden said...

Mighty Putin, he ride horsey with no shirt on like real man and steal many billion Ruble from peasant people while slaughtering evil journalist. He truly care about Oligarchy. You’re great, Andrei. Don’t ever change.

Andrei said...

The MEPs might be democratically elected Lord Egbut, but they just serve as a rubber stamp for the bureaucrats of Brussels and Strasbourg.

And those bureaucrats in their turn serve Washington DC not the peoples of Europe

For example there are new Natural Gas terminals being developed in Eastern Europe to import American Natural gas shipped by tanker - which serves American interests but not the people of Estonia because it costs three times the price of piped Russian Gas

NATO recently annexed Montenegro. This is a territory about half the size of Southland with the population of Christchurch - this was done to block Serbia's access to the sea. The people of Montenegro are among the poorest in Europe - their president, Filip Vujanović, though is one of the richest men in Europe because he is brought - Montenegro was a nice place until the USA and Germany destroyed it and turned it into seven nonviable statelets they can dominate at the expense of the peoples that live there.

It is all empire Lord Egbut

The so called "pariah" nations are those nations who have not submitted yet

Anonymous said...

I don't whether RT has told you yet Ardrei but there is an embargo in place against Russia for behaving badly. Nato is NOT a politcal entity but like the EU is an origination that a country joins, unlike the USSR which you were bludgeoned into.

PUTIN is the richest man in Europe and him and his mates have carved up the country between them and Russia plays the game of Geopolitics superbly but your inability to read a map makes your outpourings suspect.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

Andrei is always good, and a Christian. Egg not so much at all. .