Wednesday, November 1, 2017


How do we know that, well Andrew Little, the shiny new Justice minister, said so and of course he would know as he has had nearly a week on the job  to work it out.

The three strikes law has many indications it was a serious hand brake on re-offending by career criminals when confronted with a serious upping of the possibility of some extended time in prison if a bad person was bad again and offended society's rules and got caught and got prosecuted and then horror of horrors got CONVICTED.
One of the more overt examples as to how it might be something not worth flirting with  for such bad people, came with increasing numbers of touchy feely judges declining to apply it at sentencing using the nefarious notion that it might be unfair.
Try telling such garbled tosh to a victim of serious criminal actions being given such a confronting rubbish stated in court by a precious little snowflake, very unlikely to ever  be such a victim., sitting as a representative of the people as  a  Judge.

For years now the nation has had to listen to a seemingly never ending wail of supposed injustice froma  Mr Monk because nobody was ever held responsible for his life changing personal disaster when every hour of every day innocent people  are  victimised  by violent bastards and they all too often never get called to account.

Sorry Mr Little ( it is going to be choke inducing to see him called 'Honourable'), three strikes was one big step for the common people that would see meaningful sanction applied to some of our very worst and you could have left such nonsense to your mate Kelvin "Crim Hugger" Davis.

Yes there might be a case to present that too many citizens are in custody and it may well be that as a proportion of that total too many are included in the figures as Maori, but in spite of the fact that a survey might reveal that they are to a one innocent, bad behaaviour has a distressing need of repeat bad behaviour to see even a week in the pokey when sentence is handed down.

It Did Bloody Work you moron and dismantling everything that has been set in place in the last nine years is not governing it is ideological bullshit.


Noel said...

He's not the only one to suspect that it may not be the deterrent it was hyped up to be.

Gerald said...

Same for the US

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, does not work in the UK either.

Murray said...

Of COURSE it works!

All policy is best decided by the rules of Baseball.

Judge Holden said...

Hey! Less of the evidence disproving Gravetodger’s raving nonsense please! He’s a scared old white guy deserving of pity, not logic and facts. Jeez, have some compassion.

Johno said...

I'm more interested in recidivist violent crims being kept away from me and my family.

Judge Holden said...

That a real big problem for you is it Johno?

Paranormal said...

Interesting that lefties are keen to lie to the public so soon after regaining the treasury benches.

The three strikes legislation is better described as the truth in sentencing act.

Governments have decided on the length of sentences for various offences. Other governments (particularly Liarbour under Clark) said criminals could get out of jail free after serving only a third of their sentence.

All the Three Strikes legislation does is guide the judge in the appropriate sentence that should be applied after the criminal has shown they are a recidivist offender. That is an entirely appropriate direction for government to give the judiciary. Remember that to achieve a first jail sentence there is usually a significant criminal history before they are considered bad enough to be locked up.

It is significant that Angry Andy is happy to forget about governments first priority to protect citizens. He prefers to remove the truth in sentencing act.