Sunday, November 5, 2017

Amateur Hour or Kindergarten Koncert?

Adolf is amazed - nay, staggered, at the speed with which a bunch of mediocre nonentities is setting about dismantling a thriving economy.     Three strikes, 90 day trial period, an end to employer/employee negotiations etc etc.   It must be only a matter of time before compulsory union membership is restored.

And now the silly girl wants to bring in a whole mob of fake refugees from Manus Island?

So that's the wrecking off to a good start.

The question remains, when will the hating begin?


Murray said...

At 1558 today, I believe.

The Veteran said...

Murray ... what happened at 1558 today ... 30 minutes after Adolf's post?

pdm said...

Come on Murray - spill - we are all waiting.

Noel said...

The Manus offer was first made in 2013!

Snowflake said...

Yep, getting rid of the ineffective and expensive three strikes law and the ability to fire employees at will will DESTROY the economy. And perhaps Adolf can define a fake refugee for us. And as for the hate, go look at Adolf’s posts, it’s always been there.

Paulus said...

If Cinderella brings any Manus Islanders in then Australia will effectively change immediately the special immigration arrangements we have and that visas in advance will be required like anybody else entering into Australia.
Canberra are waiting for the opportunity, and have been for many years, and have been held off principally by John Key's relationship at the top in recent years.
It comes within the CER which Australia would like to update.

Noel said...

Don't know the actual figure but 20.190 million for 750 refugees per annum is often used.
The Aussies offered them AUD20,000 each and they didn't accept.
If we ask Aust to return that figure to the table and we up it I am sure there would be a figure that would entice most of them to return voluntarily. That would be less than we will fork out if we take them.