Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Only now NZ is finding there will be bonus giveaways never part of the promotions while promised policy will disappear.

Yes many understood the elevation of Labour with Mr Peters hand up their collective backs would deliver surprises but how many of those had worked out many of the emerging excitement inducing outcomes would include so many policies in direct conflict with the reality set to ensue.

A greater focus on delivery of mental health initiatives will have to confront greater damages from liberalising of modern cannabis use that it is  claimed will cause immeasurable degradation of youth mental health.

Good employment figures will collide with automation as raising wage rates sans productivity gains will make waged jobs replaced with robots more attractive.

Widening the rural urban divide will be counter productive to the aims of a billion earmarked for provincial initiatives.

Expensive light and conventional rail will impact on very small segments of people in positive ways while the diversion of money will impact many more.

A falling dollar will raise cost of living for everyone take a look at Venezuela,  the poorest will suffer most.

Those dirty unswimable rivers are largely in built up zones or polluted by urbanisation

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