Monday, October 2, 2017

What A Dick

I hear on the NewstalkZB news bulletin at 2pm today that Winston is going to meet with National and Labour for preliminary talks this week. James Shaw, however, says the Greens won't be meeting with anyone until after the Special Votes are returned. Looks like he is consigning them to another 3 years of irrelevancy to add to the previous 21 years of irrelevancy.


The Veteran said...

PDM ... well it just might be that with their trajectory of votes heading south the specials (or lack thereof) could see them down and out.

Wishful thinking ... but you never know.

Clearly he thinks a position in the outer cabinet in a Labour/NZF/Greens administration as Minister with special responsibilities for recycling (or similar high profile portfolio) is enough to make it worthwhile poodle-faking to Socialist Cindy.

pdm said...

I like the way you think Vet.

Excellent post by DPF at Kiwiblog on this earlier today. Shows the benefits they could possibly negotiate if they had the nous to try and do so.

Johno said...

I wonder if the Green's specials in the past have come from more from their environmentalist supporters than their poverty/beneficiary supporters.

The Greens clearly hemorrhaged the former after the Turei debacle saw their vote halve. Their special vote would magnify this effect if their overseas supporters are more of the environmentalist bent. The net result would be a boost for Labour and perhaps a small boost for the Nats at the expense of the Greens.

One can only hope. It would be wonderful to see this sham of a party get smacked down some more. They need to learn their lesson and focus on the environment and let Labour be the natural party of the benefit/poverty classes.

Psycho Milt said...

Why are any of them talking to each other before the votes are counted? Seems like Shaw's the only one of them who can tell when the election's finished.

alwyn said...

@The Veteran
You appear to be hoping that the Greens will drop below the 5% cut.
It is theoretically possible provided, essentially, that they get NONE of the special votes.
If there were about 370,000 specials and they got none of them they could drop below the cut-off. There are, apparently, about 384,000 specials to count. They will only need about 700 out of that 384,000 to be safely in the House.
Nice thought but no banana.

The Veteran said...

alwyn ... hope springs eternal but thank you for raining on my parade.

pdm said...

Alwyn said:

`You appear to be hoping that the Greens will drop below the 5% cut'

We sure are Alwyn - optimists all of us.

alwyn said...

Yeh. Life's a bitch isn't it?
I'm afraid that my occupation for many, many years was as an Economist.
It was often referred to as the dismal science. That is how I got the way I am. I would love to see the Greens looking for new jobs but it isn't going to happen this election.
Next time though. I am an optimist about that.