Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Was "Ms J" told it was not surefire?

My GP and my surgeon left me in no doubt that my sterilisation was not fail safe.
If Ms J didnt get the same message then she should have made better efforts to understand what could happen.

The human body has remarkable abilities to overcome such barriers, condoms, dutch caps, pills withdrawal, rhythm, tube tieing, vasectomies, can all fail to prevent determined little tadpoles finding eggs to complete what nature has been achieving since forever.

Now castration and removal of the relative bits in a radical hysterectomy can prevent fertilization and an unwanted pregnancy but anything less has a failure as a potential.
Hell someone else might slip one past the goalie, not so relevant perhaps for females in the gender confused world choosing the final solution.

So Ms J's appeal against the ACC decision to limit their exposure beyond Medical costs up to the "unplanned birth" was rightly upheld by the Court of Appeal, the scary bit was one of the wallies ruled Ms J had been stiffed by ACC. Nope that was the sperm donor sweety and if you have regrets then blame yourselves or sue Nature, Gaia, Eros, or someone else, leave my ACC contributions out OK.

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Johno said...

ACC covers injuries. Pregnancy is not an injury is it?