Sunday, October 22, 2017


TV1 News must have been watching a different game to the one I saw to come up with that headline.

It was a limp performance by the ABs.   Too many penalties given away; too many basic errors; too much kicking.  

Many of the senior players were MIA.

One is tempted to blame it all on the change of government but that would be to overlook the simple fact that on the night the AB s were bested by a far better team.


The Realist said...

I don't think the haka was up to it frankly.

Anonymous said...

MIA or self handicapping for the good of the game? There is a vast amount of money that has been earmarked for the Rugby world cup which is slowly becoming irrelevant to to the world. In the last ten years the only teams capable of winning were Sth Africa, Australia and New Zealand with England as outside chance. If the NZL had won the Bledisloe cup by twenty points and continue to win against Southern hemisphere teams by telephone numbers then the whole RWC concept is in doubt and viewers in the northern hemisphere (where the money is) will switch off in droves just like they did when Schumacher and Ferrari turned FI into a procession for five years.... Conspiracy theory or big money talking? MIA or hotline to London?

Lord Egbut