Tuesday, October 10, 2017


As the proletariat await Mr 7% to announce who will go to see Dame Patsy about a lease of the Limos, and it might very well turn out to make Rob Muldoon's prediction come to fruition, there is one very clear message for the voters and in particular those two groups of morons who repeatedly signalled a total absence of any understanding of the MMP system that decides seat numbers in the legislature.

Mob one represented by far too many on Kiwiblog and elsewhere preached the inane theory  that two ticks blue was a solution to the resurrected NZLP and Comrade dear leader.
The Sainte-Lague method of allocation of List seats leaves the strongest Party, in this case National, needing many more special votes to gain any additional seats due to the fact they already held almost twice as many electorate seats while the melons with zero electorate seats need far fewer list votes per seat. So Two ticks blue was a failure from the get go as revealed in the counting of the "specials" with the number of them from people with very little if any "skin in the game" never to be revealed.
Once gain it handed the socialists gains from election night provisionals.

Then there was Mob two who suggested a protest at the fading light of National after nine years of departure from the rather tarnished and discarded foundation principles with pandering to a race based minority and munificence to a bunch who whatever happened by way of real  progress in social welfare, would never vote Blue or even Winston First, to hand their protest to the Charlatan with zero idea how that would turn out.
History suggests badly and ending in tears.

The only option remaining was ACT, now reduced to a road crash victim on "life support", taking up resources and space and although gifted a MP in Epsom with a minimal advantage from overhang,  is widely regarded as a recurring dream that has morphed into a nightmare amongst the voting public
If David Seymour is the answer it is way beyond a sensible question.

If National seriously wish to regain government they need to nurture a party to their right and risk the same doubts and opprobrium that the Melons and Labour seem to have nurtured and survived on the left with the MOU, now put back in its cot with a comforter while  the advantages of Sainte-Lague makes a coalition of losers the glittering prize when Winston First hands them a reward they were never likely to achieve themselves.

Meanwhile the group think that fails to allow MMP to be handled as its theoretical basis tends to work out in Europe's strongest democracy using the very same MMP system we have, only creates for the NZ voter  a Doberman Pinscher with an undocked tail  dominating the Zoo hierarchy.
Meanwhile the New Zealand economic process that even many Strayans agree is world class, is all  left on a bench top to be spoilt by the fly carried bacteria of socialism that has been revealed as never succeeding anywhere, but only because its promoters didn't quite do it right.

Two ticks Blue and a protest handed to Winston First will set NZ back, how far only determined by how long the roller coaster ride lasts, perhaps Health and Safety need to reinspect the structure with a review of the "licence" meanwhile I have invested in popcorn retailing.


Johno said...

I don't think National can "nurture a party to the right". It's been tried with ACT and it failed. So National should be the party to the right with a shift in things they should have done in the last term being dealing with the entrenched socialism they have allowed to remain in place all these years: WFF, interest free student loans, income tax bracket creep.

So IMHO what they need to nurture is a friendly centre party that they can live with. It could have been the Conservatives if they didn't turn out to be loony tunes. Or it could be WinstonFirst if Winston could be kept under control, patted on the head and given his baubles.

Of course none of that's worked out either.

With Labour lurching to the left there should be room to squeeze a boring centre party in there to hoover up a few grumpy protest votes and get the Nats across the line. Or a genuine centrist environment party.

Paranormal said...

You're right GD, the parties really need to start operating in an MMP environment.

The Maori electorates had the chance, but managed to stuff it up royally. Mind you that is for the best of the country. Just imagine if the Maori electorates had been smart enough to party vote labour and electorate vote the Maori Party? A significant maorimander would have been a disaster for the country.

What the Nats need to do is work with either independents or another party (preferably Act) to stand electorate only. It could be the incumbent MP in true blue seats decide to stand as independents. All that is needed is half a dozen electorate seats or so - half a dozen Epsoms if you will.

The problem is that would require communication, trust, cooperation and all the good things that supposedly come with MMP - that are significantly missing from the current political environment.

Anonymous said...

Can't see the alternative to 'two ticks blue' Not giving a Party vote to National just reduces the number of List seats for the Nats. As Paranormal says, the only solution is to vote for a 'friendly' non-Nat in the electorate. With the departure of Peter Dunne, that option was only available in Epsom. Of course, if that happened in any organised way, it would be an obvious rort.