Wednesday, October 11, 2017


When all the "one trip" plastic bags have been eliminated from NZ retail, say in a decade or two, and a dead turtle is found on a beach somewhere full of plastic bags from Jakarta or some other country, what will the SJWs do then to save the planet.

Garry Hughes will still be flying from Wellywood International to Momona, taking a taxi to North Dunners, have a conversation with three students on planet saving, then a night in a hotel before flying back to Lesterland, fully updated on strategy to save a planet somewhere.
Meat vegies and other grocery will still be packed in the dreaded Plastic, bundles of The peoples daily will still be bound with plastic binding, Jandals will still be found singly on beaches and roadsides along with plastic drink bottles, milk bottles, fast food wrappers, tires, batteries and farings. Such rubbish will still litter roadsides and other dump options avoiding the landfill charges along with sofas Tvs, cheap furniture, old carpets that will add to what a population with little concern for turtles anywhere discard in an erroneous notion based on "it's only me so doesn't matter".

Illness from poorly cleaned customer supplied grocery bags will increase. Who saw last nights Seven Sharp item on using cellphones in toilets visits, and that played at mealtime, disgusting but revealing to most, methinks.

Entrepreneurs will manufacture many alternative plastic bag options to replace the ubiquitous now to be banned grocery bags for kitchen and bathroom litter bags, doggy doo bags, and the many imaginative uses that will see Countdown and Foodstuff wrongly titled 'single use' convenience containers, denied from the market.

I still delight in taking Countdown branded bags to Pak n save and New World ones to Countdown.

All shopping bags that end up at home here are tightly rolled for future use and when that supply is deemed to be a surplus they are bundled and sent to land fill more than likely in a blimmin grocery bag, LoL.

Troughers and dirty bastards will continue their destructive ways and Hippycrits will pretend to change the world by including the truly caring and responsible in their megalomaniac proclamations to achieve precisely nothing.

It all sounds so caring and responsible Big Grocery but it will solve nothing, Humans will still litter and much of that detritus will end up in the sea due to winds, natural water flows and gravity.


Noel said...

I'm waiting for the study to determine if "one use plastic bags" from supermarkets have been used more than once?

J Bloggs said...

IMHO, the Supermarkets are less interested in the environment and more interested in the $20+ million they'll save each year in not providing branded plastic bags

gravedodger said...

So Noel needs a pointy head from an ivory tower to "tell" him some people actually reuse grocery bags, sheesh then that might lead the infotainment hour tonight as a surprising outcome from a University sponsored research project!

At a conservative estimate we would reuse over 80% of those that enter our house in a safe, clean and convenient method of conveyance, a proportion of those will then be used three and potentially more times before being sent to land fill restraining rubbish to pevent spillage.

Of course if a "study" revealed that salient fact then Noel might accept it, but not necessarily so.

Noel said...

You are slow Doodger. That was my point. Supermarket bags on anecdotal evidence probably don't enter the environment to the same degree as small store sales.
I remember this issue been raised nearly two decades ago and at the time I suggested a manufacturer,retailer and consumer levy with the proceeds going to developing a biodegradeable alternative.