Wednesday, October 11, 2017


He might get it all wrong!

Ditherer? I dont think so #1 manipulator is feathering nests and playing Simon n Cindy for suckers.

In June 2010 Belgium held elections and it was mid 2011 when ngotiations concluded and a new administration was formed.

The Dutch held an election back in March and have only just managed to form a Coalition. Of course that effort came down to concentrating on keeping Geert Wilders out of any position of influence as his anti immigration mantra was unacceptable to the majority of Euro group think

Hell we could wait two years with a caretaker government, under MMP and its stiffling of government action who would notice.
Doing nothing is quite an attractive alternative to the "Zoo feeding options currently on offer"

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Anonymous said...

Quite wrong Dodger. It was not Wilder's anti immigration stance it was Wilder's anti Muslim stance. The Dutch are eminently sensible people, probably, en masse, the most sensible in Europe. This is the land of Anne Frank and a fascist induced famine.

Lord Egbut