Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Do I have it correct that the political manipulator #1 who just wanted to keep them honest, claimed until Sept 23rd he would bring a referendum to the voters to decide on the question of seperate Maori Seats in the Parliament that the framers of our MMP system recommended be abolished as Proportional Representation would support such single issue groups to gain access to representation.

It was then watered down twice, firstly because the Maori Party had been trashed, then secondly the Voters to be given the option to end the apartheid seats would be limited to those on the Maori Roll.
Now it is all likely consigned to the BPF (broken promise file) in the horse trading over how much The Dwarf can extract by way of baubles.

Then in the aftermath of the official polling day, the day so special when a completely different set of rules around casting votes to those in situ for the plethora of opportunities in supermarkets etc were in play, The Pin Striped one stated he would not begin negotiations until 'The Specials' had been counted. As that day approached a DATE was declared and he would make his decision by Thursday the 12th of October.  Now it emerges that deadline was when he would decide, revelation of the decision not included,  the illustrious one might lower himself to Proclaim that within earshot of the rabble on Friday the Thirteenth.

Is that an omen or what, The Dark Destroyer whose party logo and colours include "black and white" will anoint his chosen ones on Black Friday, or not, yeah nah.

Would it be unreasonable to test his links to witch-craft by putting him in a sack and throwing him into the Waikato if he survives he is in the clutches of Lucifer and needs further trials, say a burning at the stake.

Meanwhile those popcorn investments are holding up.

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