Thursday, October 26, 2017


It is a fact that the Creator of the Whaleoil blog has no regard for the now Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition that is coupled with a new found relationship as regards Mr Seven Percent.

That change in attitude was and so far remains a continuing thread in a blog that has remarkable sources to the underbelly of NZ politics.

After H1 was dispatched by John Key in 2008, she without ceremony abandoned the NZLP to further her career leaving a vessel stuck on rocks with a crew devoid of any succession plan.
First  the man from the eighties was crowned and achieved nought, they then turned to a bright younger fresh face who held things in a semblance of order until colleagues with an agenda decided low to mid thirties polling needed addressing and set him up with two dead snapper to perish from exposure.
The Unions who have enjoyed unwarranted protection on the cheap within the NZLP moved to get their man in power and under a shonky system that hands up to three votes to one person chose a humourless hack who watched the party polling plunge to a level that threatened Simon English's unenviable record from the early  days of the millennium. Even with numbers ten below the snapper guy, humourless was safe so long as the unions held their nerve.
Then early in the three month window in the run up to an announced Election Day when the handbrake of Union domination was released, the NZLP parliamentary caucus acting alone forced humourless out and installed a fresh comrade who in the midst of nauseating adulation began a campaign of personality politics that Marx, Engles, Lenin etal  would have been in awe of.

Now National after holding their vote in the face of apparent third termitus, out polling Labour, out polling the marriage of convenience fell to a one man band with seven percent support who has never lasted a term of any executive in thirty years of sporadic opportunity.

I was one who found Key's patronising caucus sidelining anointing of English arrogant and questioned the wisdom of going back to 'the biggest loser'.
I was wrong English, made a very solid effort to hold National together but in the reality of a dead in the water party performance from ACT, The destruction of the apartheid party and the early withdrawal of the Dunny of  Ohariu he was left at the alter sans a bride.
IMHO English was right to refuse to deal with the demands of The Dwarf, the idiosyncrasy of  voters reluctance to award fourth terms and buying however many months of the ninth floor from the trader from St Mary's Ba├┐ when the prospect of a cluster fornication loomed so likely was prudent.
The show of solidarity from National is to be favourably compared to events subsequent to 2008 from Labour and stands as a portent to success in 2020.
By then Winston First will have suffered exposure to voters and it will be clear and  obvious, the Thinking Melons will have had reflection opportunity to assess how being close to the tent but kept outside again actually is in reality, hint read Lyndon Johnston.

That is how the NZ body politic deals cards.

Whaleoil has a great relevance in its sources but needs to get over it's obsession and set about what it does so well in being the widest read blog in NZ still.

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Anonymous said...

I like the mix on WO but that's not the issue of course. I think Slater is a bit of a loose cannon but its his blog so fair enough.

National's problem is that they are quite matey, like Labour I guess although labour's mateyness is probably superficial, and that saw some disappointing people like Nick Smith and Mccully retained when they should have been dumped a long time ago. English kept his local support staff when he brought in a new local MP and that was dumb. They also tried a cheap hit on Winston (whom I have no time for) and that was childish and stupid (thanks Paula). The RMA was left alone as well and so it goes on.

National hung on because Labour were, and remain, so frickin' awful but they could have ruled for another term at least had they woken up. Being best of a bad bunch is no endorsement and not likely to see you keep your job when an idiot takes charge of selection.

A pox on them all.