Thursday, October 5, 2017

Possibly the best analysis yet.

On kiwiblog by Oliver Hartwich on how NZ manages to totally screw up the Electoral system settled on Germany in the aftermath of WW2 by the Allies who actually wanted a free Germany to be seriously politically hampered in any future attempt to dominate Europe.
Some might suggest the reality is they do but so far sans a military aspect.

It requires a mindset divorced from our historical right/left,  capitalist/socialist, conservative/liberal attitudes to be effective.

The MMP system that people who wanted a future Muldoon, Richardson and even poor old Roger Douglas to be unable to make the hard decisions that used to differentiate between seatwarmers and Statesmen.
In the light of recent failures to even tinker with Palmer's disaster management RMA, that so far has only strengthened an artificial power held by the amorphous Tangata Whenua, it is working for those who resent growth and profitability. They can remain complacent, wallowing in the ethos that equality can be achieved by making all except the swine at the trough in the Big House equally poor.

Hartwich has encapsulated how MMP works here as opposed to how it works in Modern Germany now united and ruled by a prodigy from the Communist East German, GDR.  Merkell was immediately reinstated as Federal Chancellor for a fourth term and given time to cobble sufficient votes to survive a confidence vote in the Bundestag. Contrast the Media Party continuing search for relevance in their chicken entrails study and fawning adoration of the perpetual attention seeker Dwarf with a penchant for nice suits.  All the while the falsely referred to as Green leader who is in reality the latest commissar of the communists awaits the dwarf to consign him and his melons to purgatory on the cross benches again while the big people run things. In the German model the GP would be forced to realistically discus if they supported a majority of voters intentions while making possible concessions that would sit well with the environmental supporters who vote for them. It could even see National and Labour forming a "Grand Coalition" that would stymie Peters, the melons and the Unions.

Sir Winston Peters, 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand has a potential to make Wikipedia, but for how long, History seems to suggest not very long,  however in the meantime we  wait for the charlatans decision.

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Ciaron said...

Indeed, we were sold a Lemon.

I see in the Press this morning several letters bemoaning the call to adjust the 5% threshold, one citing the protracted post ballot negotiations in Holland and Belgium. Sorry mate, that's not a bug, it's a feature!