Friday, October 27, 2017


In a world where gender, parentage and displaced persons proliferate poor old Barney is a bloody New Zealander and the Straya High Court has decided he is no longer an MP.

In a seemingly somewhat convoluted set of policies the Canberra minions have decided to send   criminals who can have an alternative homeland back home.

Being  delivered from the womb of a many generation woman in a maternity wing of a Towomba Hospital where that mother was herself born,  absolutely no assistance in being a Dinkum Aussie just because the sperm doner was from, horror of horrors an offshore Island 1200 miles distant.

Slick Mal's wafer thin majority just evaporated and Barnaby will have I to try and win his New England seat again in early December having cast his dual Straya/NZ status aside.

Please don't deport him, we have our own three  ring circus with an over abundance of Clowns, animal trainers and high wire aficionados, sadly Barnaby would make anyone of them look good even though not understanding he has held dual citizenship since birth.


Noel said...

He's an Aussie. Bit hard to make a case for deportation.

Gerald said...

Aussie dual citizens can have the citizenship revoked but in this case nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Noel/Gerald - you understood this post well enough to offer a response ? Well done.