Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Certainly for Alphonse Gore perhaps.

During recent absences from interwebby connectivity with radio for info there was much ado  a few days ago about "a disaster currently unfolding for breeding pairs of Adele Penguins around Cape Bird in Antarctica possibly failing to rear any young this breeding season.

Abnormal sea ice making parents trips to gather Krill to feed their young too far and chicks dieing in their thousands from starvation.

Don,t many species of Whales have Krill as a staple so preventing killing whales for food might cause a reduction in total Krill supplies through species pressure?
Isn't sea ice supposed to be threatened so how come such a problem exists as we warm up?
Shouldn't there be a concentrated effort by Project Jonah type warriors to sort out the problem?
Perhaps the pathetic efforts to connect global warming and climate change with A.G.W. and consumption of carbon based fossil fuels  becoming kind of unravelled could be evidence of settled science being a somewhat mythical concept.

Could palm kernal supplements be a go?
What else could be used for supplementary food supplies?
Grass supplies seem extremely abundant this spring, says my lawn anyway.

That news had a  "and they all lived happy everafter" missing as regards this year's Adele Penguins harsh lifestyle.


Noel said...

Dodger perhaps these little snippets with help your understanding.

"Rainy weather left the chicks, which have poor waterproofing, wet and unable to keep warm.

This year’s event has also been attributed to an unusually large amount of sea ice. Overall, Antarctica has had a record low amount of summer sea ice, but the area around the colony has been an exception."

gravedodger said...

Another pesky unusual event, by jove, just too many exceptions eh.

That five meters going to waste on Mt Hutt and the season ending, should find a way to preserve it, maybe a deep freeze, Elon could build the Batteries.