Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Before the final count is released and we finally find out the result, I wish to place my total implacable opposition to overseas living New Zealand voters from  being eligible to have their say in who rules over us.
Two members of my family spent over a decade in the West Isle yet because they wished to remain New Zealanders and return could vote in NZ elections yet had no such electoral rights over the tax grabbing hosts.

Having in all likelihood enjoyed a subsidised education and or skill development, incurred an outstanding debt to taxpayers who have remained here to fund government and endure all the costs, frustrations and impositions from a central government who collectively have a minimal understanding of the stress making a buck involves, our employed minions then bend over backwards to allow those who choose for whatever reason to live abroad to have a say in electoral outcomes.

Bullshit to that, bacon and eggs has involvement of the hen and total commitment of the pig.
If not currently resident it seems very wrong in so many ways for voters living, paying tax to their hosts and suffering almost no cost or involvement in the increasingly moribund and inept statists who rule over the peasantry to extend the glorious garbage system that two weeks after polls close has those ants still waiting to find out what may be instore for them.

Just as those ignoring the law by not enrolling with a current domicile, can enrol and vote in an assisted integrated one stop in the weeks before polling day, we are witnessing a massive opportunity for manipulation of a basic foundation stone  of our fragile democracy.

For those to disinterested and lazy to comply with basic electoral process, imo it is little different to a wasted vote for Craig, Morgan, Obese Kraut or any other wannabe, not worth counting and certainly in this current abortion with ten percent of votes still uncounted something that needs a tidy up.


Seabird said...

I agree GD. If your commitment is not to NZ you should not be eligible to vote here. I have a sister and BiL who have lived in Perth for about 10 years. They voted as all they have to do to be eligible is to spend 1 day in NZ in the last year or so. I call bullshit on that.

Pete said...

Good post. I agree.

I resent paying tax to cover the effort spent in attempting to get non compilers with electoral law to vote.

And then, as you say, the rest of us have to wait while these very expensive votes are countered.

If we have to pander to the pathetic, let it be closed off two weeks prior so the counting is completed and done along with the votes from the people who bothered to meet the common obligation to enrol.

An answer is to simply plonk an infringement notice on non compilers and see if some of the costs of carrying them can be recovered.

Anonymous said...

I always find it interesting that anyone who leaves NZ for a better life somewhere else, is considered a traitor and unpatriotic.
I tend to think envy, and narrow mindedness tend to be at play.

Anonymous said...

Oops, Comment above is mine

B Whitehead

Johno said...

I don't consider them so. In fact most of them come home eventually and many bring some overseas cash back so it's all win. I paid off a NZ mortgage working overseas before I came back. I never did vote while away but there probably never happened to be an election while I was out of country.

But if someone's residing over 'there' for years and paying no tax here then I do question whether they should be voting here.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You can't vote if you've been out of NZ for more than three years.

Seabird said...

Adolf, my sister told me she can come back to NZ for 1 day and is eligible to vote.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes that is so. Provided she returns within three years of her departure, as I understand it.

Anonymous said...

I have family overseas (3 years Dipl)on NZ Government business and they relish voting at the NZ Embassy.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree. We are still on the electoral roll after 9 years overseas because we visit family once a year. We asked to be taken off but apparently this is not an option. whadayado?

Noel said...

Anon 11:01
Do you get letters from the pollies because they have access to the electoral roll?
Just asking as it happens every election except the year I forgot to notify my change of address.
Tried to get on the hidden roll but my claim of a traumatic experience from the invasion of my privacy from pollies didn't get accepted.