Friday, October 6, 2017


Heard a sound bite from the Dwarf this AM where he made outrageous claims that Winston First was a truly Democratic Party, Its Caucus, Its Board and its Membership were all founded on Democratic principles and had survived for twenty four years due to that fact.

Err Winston, I think the word you meant to use was Autocratic, as everyone of your wonderfully democratic outfit who displeased you in any even minor way is now not even in the rear view  mirror of your campaign bus.

The only factor that has seen your personal ego trip last until now is your charismatic presentation of politics allied to your ability to live this long.
It is as certain as sunrise tomorrow that when you expire your Party, The Bus, and your vision will expire contemporaneously in a brief orgy of pick me and toy tossing similar to that which has sustained your once extravagantly regarded career.
Muldoon was a pretty adept political operator only coming unstuck when by then booze fueled megalomania was confronted by Ms Marylin Wareing.
In Winston's case he believed Muldoon when he said Mr Peters could be a future Prime Minister and he could be yet but not in any guise Rob was considering.

Such a travesty could eventuate as PM number 40 because Labour in their desperation will concede that to gain the Limo Fleet.

The word you were searching for was AUTOCRATIC, Mr Peters. Demagoguery might have thrust itself in your disrupted neuro transmitters briefly while you were attempting your brain fart though.
Nice for you, you found the Democrat word, even though outrageously incorrect when measured against your plunge through the political atmosphere that began nearly half a century ago near the stratosphere.
All that remains could be kindly desscribed as a "dead cat bounce".

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