Saturday, October 7, 2017


Nine years ago a newbie PM launched a program to create a country wide network of cycleways to fit in with an image of adventure tourism and budget tourism along with a rapidly expanding culture around 'mountain bikes'.

So many panned it as a brainfart from a rich prick struggling to relate to ordinary New Zealanders.

Today there are vast areas of the country now accessible for the fitter amongst us as Key's dream continues to expand, along with thousands of eco tourism aficionados.
Possibly a main  progenitor for Key's dream came with the well established Central Otago Rail Trail that opened up along the now disused rail embankment that ran from Middlemarch to Clyde in a semicircular route around what is generally referred to as The Maniatoto.
A challenging four day trip that has seen renewal of social fabric of once declining places with quaint names, Ophir, Ranfurly, Oterehua, Wedderburn, Kyburn, Naseby, St Bathans, and many others either on the trail or adjacent and worth exploring.
Bridges, tunnels and spectacular scenery make for an experience apparelled calling on places that reflect  once very economically active settlements driven largely by Gold..

Nine years on and there is minimal discussion as the network continues to expand. Mt Cook to the Sea at Oamaru, Little River rail trail and many others.

In a typical me too reaction many urban territorial authorities have embarked on similar Cycle Ways in built up areas with very little actual provision of safe space within which to create a special mayhem. Streets that were always too narrow had "lanes" created in total ignorance of safety and congestion but being typical mentally challenged as to what might be a practical creation, death traps proliferate.

Urban cycle ways are for a  different clientele on bikes capable of speeds too fast for safe use amongst traffic that creates it's own special danger, yet those who rubbished Key's good idea are now silent or worse they are  mini-me's who wish to make endangerment  cycling a new activity that too often is really plain stupidity. Of course because it is largely being promoted by socialist idiot  trougher local councilors, criticism is never to be heard.


Gerald said...

Travelling on SH5 and asked the driver who frequents the route what the concrete foot path was for. Cycleway was his answer. Asked him if he every saw a cycle on it. No was the reply as he dodged another lot of bad road surface.

Wilbur said...

Pity JK wasn't prepared to expend political capital on more pressing issues - MMP reforms for example. What do I think of him ? I think he's a banker.