Monday, October 9, 2017

'Faaaaaarrrk' Said The Crow

Two headlines today I thought I never would see:

"The Wind Is Settled"


"No More Subsidies or Targets For Renewables"

The first headline should send the share price of wind farm scamsters plunging.  It appears the speed of the earth's surface winds has been steadily slowing for decades by way of a phenomenon known as 'stilling.'

Pardon me while I laugh my arse off.

Stilling?    Really?   All under the radar for so long and nobody has been able to pin this one onto CO2 emissions?

The second headline refers to an Australia government decision to phase out subsidies for renewable energy.  And not before time.

All of which reminds me of a 1970s TV personality, one Graham Kennedy.  Unlike today's papiermache models, comedians in the good old days were genuinely funny and Kennedy was one of the best.

Image result for graham kennedy

Legend has it he bet one of his mates he could say 'fuck' on live television and be neither bleeped nor reprimanded.   He introduced an apparently serious segment on native bird calls with commentary and when he got to the ubiquitous black crow, the commentary went something like this:-

"If you listen carefully you can almost hear the crow speaking.

Faaaaarrrk!    Faaaaaarrk! said the crow.

He lost the bet but his mate paid up anyway.

Here's the official version:-

 The infamous crow call. On March 3, 1975, on the first night of his new Graham Kennedy Show on Nine, Kennedy uttered the word "faaark" on a live advertisement for Cedel hairspray. This inspired about a thousand calls of complaint from viewers. Kennedy later claimed this was merely his trademark crow call, something he'd performed on air several times over the last 10 years. After receiving a warning letter from Myles Wright of the broadcasting control board, Kennedy responded the following week by asking the studio audience to give his critics a mass crow call. They did so with gusto. A week later, Kennedy was banned from performing live to air.


Noel said...

"...the slowing winds measured are at 10 metres above the ground, whereas turbines operate at 50–100 metres up, where there is little global data".

Three O Nine said...

You are just an angry old man who really, really hates the idea of renewable energy, aren't you?

You realise that fossil fuels are finite, right? I am genuinely curious about what powers your hate. You understand that coal and oil are going to run out one day, yes? You aren't one of those Christian loonies that think God will provide, are you?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Three o nine

You must be one of those peak oil loonies. Don't you idiots ever get tired of being wrong, all the time?

Anonymous said...

309......It is a hard and fast policy of the Alt right to demonise renewable energy and almost every time the subject comes up the St Petersburg Trolls are there making fun or quoting spurious figures on comments sections and facebook, twitter etc.

The reason behind this is Russia's enormous energy reserves most haven't even been discovered yet but Siberia could run the world for decades... This is Russia's leverage for the future which is rapidly being undermined by renewables which have halved in price increased in efficiency and now provide substantial amounts of power to various grids around the world. It's a bit like Russia owning all the horses in the world and putting the boot into the Model T ford saying it's a crap car...well it was, but look what came after.

Lord Egbut