Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another post election prediction

I've changed my mind.  I think Winston is going to support National.  His behaviour toward the Greens is telling.  He can tell the country that they're loopy and he can't be in government with them, or something like that.

I might change my mind back again tomorrow though.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Perhaps he knows that's his only chance of survival. He'll be able to make good on his referendum promise, the trashing of which, even he must have realised, would have sunk him were he with Labour.

Johno said...

The whole thing is a lose-lose. Winston picks the other guys - you lose and they lose. Winston picks you - the other guys lose and you lose.

He's a lazy, lying, attention-seeking, self-aggrandising, blustering, bullying drunk.

Who are the 7% who thought it was a good idea to vote for someone who can't work with others and can't tell a straight story or answer a simple question with a straight answer?

Anonymous said...

I voted Winston. Tired of open-ended immigration and unfettered land sales to the Chinese etc.
Tired of utter political correctness rampant with both the main parties.
Tired of social engineering being forced down our throats by both main parties.
Tired of the leftward lean of National and no real difference between the two main parties.
So shoot me, I voted Winston, and he decides Either way, he will be a good balance
on the unmandated sellout of NZ that our leaders are implementing, full steam ahead. Traitors, the lot of them.


Palus said...

I expected a cross bench Winston Party but am more now towards National NZF as Winston says he is looking for stability, which would be missing with both Labour and even more the Greens.
Both of those either separately or together would totally destabilise the country immediately.

Anonymous said...

I share Ronald's concerns but was never foolish enough to think that Winston would ever really do some work to change anything. I've encountered him only once, in the early eighties, and he blatantly bullshitted me. I've not forgotten. There is presently no credible home for the conservative vote and that is depressing.


Anonymous said...

Act, for the conservative vote. Act and only Act are to the right of the Nats!