Thursday, October 12, 2017

And The Mafia Decides........

It's all too funny for words.

Peters has refused to identify the NZFirst board members who will decide with whom the party makes an accommodation.  The Herald identifies recent members:-

The Herald has confirmed members have recently included the following who had to have their names changed by deed poll, in order to become part of Winston First.
• Winston Peters, leader.
• Winston Mark, deputy leader.
• Winston Catchpole, president and former MP.
• Winston Martin, party secretary and mother of MP Tracey Martin.
• Winston Ellen, treasurer.
• Winston Paul, North Island vice president. Works in sales and teaches martial arts and stood in Epsom at the election.
• Winston Thorn, South Island vice-president.
• Winston Campbell-Smith, director general ex-officio.
• Winston Gardener. A former party president.
• Winston Ashley.
• Winston Greening. A Papakura-based information engineering consultant and Manurewa local board member.
• Winston Andrews.
• Winston Sara, stood in Nelson at the election.
• Winston Monds. An Aucklander and part of a growing number of young people involved in the party.


The Veteran said...

Brilliant Adolf brilliant ... the Board bit is a joke. They know their only task is to say 'how high sir' when Winston sez jump.

George said...

I feel that you are a bit light on the Winstons.:)

Anonymous said...

Veteran- I wonder whether the "John" Thorn" you might have served with in the Army - not too many John Thorn's about-from Dunedin?

Anonymous said...

I think slaters old man sits on the board

The Veteran said...

Anon 7.12 ... John Thorn was in my class at Portsea. Graduated to RNZASC. Did a Vietnam tour at 1 ALSG. He has been involved with NZF from very early on.

Anon 8.04 ... John Slater (Cam's Dad) was a respected President of the National Party ... nothing to do with NZF.