Wednesday, October 4, 2017


One of our more astute readers has taken me to task for being too kind to Winston First in describing their election night result as bitter/sweet.    He pointed out that, in addition to losing their one and only electorate seat, last Saturday saw the defeat of five sitting MPs.    Hadn't picked that up but he was correct.

So, in addition to losing Northland, the following MPs exited the NZ First caucus.   Most of them were hardly household names.

Ranked 10 on their List was Masesh Bindra, first term PM and their Ethnic Affairs Spokesperson.  Ranked 11 was Pita Paraone, MNZM, three term MP and their Spokesman on Maori Affairs, Treaty Issues, Pacific Island Affairs and the Office of Treaty Settlements.   Paraone was elbowed aside from the Whangarei electorate he had previously contested four times in favor of Shane Jones.  Ranked 12 was Ria Bond, first term MP who came into Parliament after Peters won the Northland seat,   She was a member of Parliament's Commerce Select Committee.    Ranked 13 was two term MP Denis O'Rouke; ex Labour and ex Christchurch City Councillor and NZF's Shadow Attorney-General and Spokesman for just about everything else.  Finally and ranked 15 was two term MP Richard Prosser and a convert from the Democrats for Social Credit.  Prosser had the temerity to remind voters of Winston's pledge made back in 2013 to compulsory reacquire shares in energy companies held in private ownership at their issue price.   For that he was sent to Coventry. 

With Bond, O'Rouke and Prosser now out of Parliament NZ First now only has a solitary South Island MP.

In most other jurisdictions a political seat losing nearly half of its MPs would hardly be considered to be negotiating from an overly strong position.   Alas, with MMP the norms don't necessarily apply.


paul scott said...

I am really shagged about losing Denis O'Rourke.

Richard said...

O'Rourke had to go.
Quoting from the party manifesto left him terribly compromised.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mr Peters could take a leaf out of Kim Jong un's book.

Deal with dissenters in a way that give all party members the right message = the 20mm Oerlikon message.

Anonymous said...

Veteran ....I'm no fan of Winston and I believe he has been there to long. I have to wonder if it has all become too personal, if the "King Making Party" had been called the "The nearly National party" it would be more palatable.........the point is under the present system the 7% have an influence denied under FPP. Possibly democracy in action although you may disagree. Given that Clinton had more votes than Trump, and Brexit had more votes than remain should not future Govts be elected on the one man vote
principle rather than a political hack supposedly representing a small group of wealthy/deprived constituents. Adapt or Die (apologies Pieter dirk Uys)

Lord Egbut