Thursday, September 28, 2017


Notices around the polling station I used, prohibited cameras and photography.
The people staffing had no answer when I asked how come there could well be news pictures of leaders voting,  published.

More idiotic job justifying anomalous rules that will never be enforced.


Duncan Brown said...

I'm a press photograph. These are the conditions set for media by the Electoral Commission:
MEDIA Photo/filming opportunities in advance voting and ELECTION DAY voting places

Please contact the Electoral Commission media team if you want to film or photograph inside a voting place, either during the advance voting period or on election day.

Candidates may only be in a voting place for the purpose of voting.

Media organisations can take photos or film at a voting place as long as:
· The Returning Officer approves. Media can contact the Electoral Commission in advance to arrange this.
· No photographs or footage is taken of voters actually completing their ballot papers or showing how a person voted. Media cannot go behind the voting screens.
· Photographers or camera crews do not disrupt voters from voting, or officials from their duties.
· No undue delays are caused to voters.
· No interviews are conducted in or near the voting place.

gravedodger said...

Thankyou Duncan, great info, perhaps some reference to the "media" permit rules could be in order instead of the threatening "No" notice that few would have noticed anyway.
How many seperated families could have in ignorance recorded what might be an important to them activity to be facebooked to relatives offshore. "We exercised our right to vote"
The staff were in total ignorance as to what was involved yet they conceivably put up the warning notices.

With the proliferation of cell phones making almost every citizen a potential photographer there could begin some revisit of relevance to an already ignored set of rules.

When did the commission last make an effort to enforce their irrelevant justification product.

Hell who was present with the many Mall/Library/Supermarket(suitably seperated from the alcohol availability) early voting opportunities, to monitor behaviour in an extremely open environment.