Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Won't someone think of the volunteers

A short post on the state of the Labour Party to start the day.

All the focus goes on the MPs and the Leader at times like this, but after being involved in the Act party for 21 years, and watching it being decimated after and following the 2008 election, I can only say that the people I feel sorry for are the ordinary members of Labour, the candidates, the volunteers and the like. These people do their jobs not for money, but for devotion to the cause. From the little old ladies that stuff envelopes in party offices, through to candidates who get shoulder-tapped and thrashed in electorates where they have no chance, simply to allow the party to have a face there.

It is these people who feel ridiculed and embarrassed. The MPs are sheltered behind walls and communications staff. But the ordinary party volunteers use up their own time and effort to advance the party's causes and beliefs, in public, only to watch the very people who are meant to inspire them, behave like untrained monkeys.

I feel for them, because I have been through it.

Carry on.

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The Veteran said...

Good post Nick but then, that's politics in the raw.