Friday, August 11, 2017


It will only happen after the 23rd of September if the gods are willing.

Ngai Tahu enjoy a significant advantage over other commercial wannabees with their Tax Exempt status, based on a questionable Charitable constitutional aim created by our ruling elite.

It will be interesting should the so far very vague, so far targeted at public enemies at rates yet to be set , Tax on commercial Water users, be applied beyond the public enemies so far listed.

Say frinstance Generators sold by the awful corrupt Nats, using gazillions of liters of water to make electric. That could be a target almost as attractive as Turnbull's outrageous tax attack on the Big Five Aussie Banks.

Bbbbut should that come to pass then what about the water that tourist operators pass through the many hydro jet propelled boats propulsion systems. Flows that will be damaging many organisms in the clean green pristine waters of rivers and lakes  including The Shotover River that hosts Ngai Tahu's iconic Shotover Jet. An operation that seems to be a main event for pollies and other troughers to entertain visiting dignitaries.(pssst dont mention the fact they make truckloads of dosh doing it to boot)

So much to be decided and so little time, hang on that is the big attraction, I forgot, silly me.
Taxing bastards who put our water in plastic bottles and make enormous profits is all that needed to be said, eh. Oh and the evil greedy nasty Dairy farmers, they would never vote for us anyway.
Those with a passing knowledge of history know Dairy as a sector were a vital contributor to the election of the Savage mob who spawned the current chardonnay mob who seek to rule from Ponsonby cafes.

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