Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What The 'Media' Don't Tell You

Did you know the American economy is awash with good news?   GDP growth up; job numbers up; unemployment down; stock markets booming?

If you read the New York Times, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald or NZ Herald and watch TVNZ, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or CBS you won't hear or see much about it.

"With the Dow at 22,000, solid job gains, confidence high and and growth jumping to 2.6 percent in the last quarter under President Trump, the economy clearly has a new bounce in its step.The gains to investors and pension funds (for tens of millions of middle class families) is on the magnitude of $4 trillion.If the economy and jobs had done this well under President Obama he and the media would have been doing cartwheels down Pennsylvania Avenue."
and this is the bit I like.....
My favorite moment in the post-election analysis was the morning after the election when Nobel Prize- winning economist Paul Krugman, who also twice writes a column for The New York Times, was asked when the stock market would recover, and he famously groused: “Never!”And then over the next eight hours the stock market soared by some 700 points. And now it has shot up more than 3,000 points since that day. Yet Paul Krugman is the guru who the left unfailingly turns to for this kind of sage wisdom.

Meanwhile the beanpole who wrecked the American economy is off to Kenya where he is campaigning for a genocidally racist candidate for president.

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