Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Even when it tumbles out of the tail race into Doubtful Sound after generating the lower cost electricity that keeps the Tiwi Point Smelter viable and adding to the GDP of Southland, that water has already cost millions but per liter  not a large sum.

The now twin tunnels can deliver up to 500 cubic meters of water in one second.

New Zealand exports around 10 million liters of water from  geographically scattered  sites  in bottled form that has so many ignorants getting their knickers in a twist because "They are making untold riches from OUR free water"

If my maths are correct that ten million liters can be  delivered from Manapouri West Arm via the twin tunnels every 20 seconds when running at full capacity.

To take water for any commercial use involves a consent normally obtained from a local authority at a cost.

Only a moron believes that consent cost is the last payment to access so called "Free Water". as stated so  categorically by the Forest and Bird's Padre  on Hosking breakfast this morning

Energy, plant, buildings and roads,  labour, freight, land, with GST, PAYE plus other taxes and rates  along the way and the stupid socialist views every bottle sent to China costing nothing is just so not true.
Then there are greedy farmers and in particular the Dairy variety making massive profits from using water as a production enhancer and drought mitigater, they must be Taxed somehow.
Meanwhile local bodies are pouring water on parks and sports grounds to maintain a nice green turf, Generators are using and reusing water to create electricity, horticulturists use water to grow then clean and process product to feed  rich and poor alike, viticulturists are making and mostly exporting wine for an avaricious aim of making money. Even down to Idiots washing their already clean car.

What next soils and space that can be traded in the Real Estate market already facing a plethora of regulations, zoning, consents and any number of bureaucratic obstacles that make a mockery of any notion of "estate in fee simple".
Of course "Beryl from Wainoni" has a right as to what farmer Joe Bloggs does with his patch of dirt in an all too often vain attempt to scratch a living while good old Beryl lives off Joes taxes, eats the food he produces, sends her multi sired spawn to the school Joe helped fund, enjoys medical, psychiatric and social assistance Joe funds etc.

Next Air and don't laugh, the entitled already tax NZ Inc one point four billion dollars every year to prop up the "Paris Accords".

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