Tuesday, August 8, 2017


James Shaw ascended to his position half a step behind her Eminence following the departure of Red "gimme my fwag back", one l,  Norman, an ex prominent Queensland Communist.

Many with a concern about an apparent absence of an effective Opposition that continues since the departure of The Lady Elizabeth to The UN after nine years of having either desexed or seen off anything resembling a coherent leadership succession plan, gave Shaw some leeway. Largely in a clearly now vain hope that Environmental aspects would return to the core values of the Green Party.
Values as understood by many mainly uncritical supporters who remained from the Donald/Fitzsimons days when the GP came within the margin of error of gaining The Coromandel Seat under FPP rules in the first MMP election

Alas it has not come to pass for Shaw, of whom it could be said in the words of Muldoon in reference to the very nice Mr Rowling, "as a shiver looking for a spine to run up".  Yes the MoU has been very kind to Labour if it is accepted it saw off the Union installed disaster of Little and the rise and rise of Ardern. However the raided votes that fled to The GP from the dismayed NZLP membership will now return and Shaw is either too thick to see it or in a Machiavellian ploy sees Me Tu's recent bombing as a Dresden like raid  and the best long term solution for wider electoral acceptability from her demise politically.

I assume Auntie Jeanette has allowed her Green loyalty to subsume her principles in her decision to overlook  the clear plunge into depravity that has now seen the imminent departure of  two  figures who might have had a chance to retain the voters who still believe the GP brand represents a desire to save  the planet held residually by more mature voters.

The sheer nastiness that permeates the socialist second team was never better portrayed than by the very negative and incredible remarks from Green Party General Manager Sarah Helm, on two very committed and loyal GP MPs who must have, in saner moments, wondered at the off the wall behaviours of the Frog in Chief that became a step too far when she attempted to make political capital from defrauding the welfare system. An action dismaying many many  people who work under the rules with a degree of gratitude and without resorting to activity that has seen some serious sanctions for law breaking.

Is Smug one of seven deadly sins?

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