Sunday, August 6, 2017

Post Operative Care of a Wound.

A problem often reduced by Microsurgery techniques.
As anyone who has suffered  a reverse, an almost healed wound reopened, is painful, has potential for infection and when healed again often leaves a scar far more prominent than originally hoped for.

Chippy Hipkins as Labour education spokes person has held very staunch to the Union inspired opposition to ACT's Charter schools, schools that on published information seem to have made progress covering a serious gap that allowed some of the most at risk to fall through and spend a life of benefit dependence and too often criminal behaviour.
New Party deputy, Kel Davis, an ex principal, is on record as putting his burgeoning career on the line with a threat to take serious action should the two such places of learning in his Te Tai Tokerau electorate be terminated.

Now that is a very vulnerable wound that has a potential to be ripped open.
IMHO integration back into the failing for some under the umbrella of the Union approved system would negate much if not all the still fragile, lauded by many, steps to improve outcomes for a very exposed vulnerable segment of  NZ youth.

Nothing Micro about Labours entrenched union run opposition to charter, now renamed partnership education offerings, their success is well documented.


Psycho Milt said...

...their success is well documented.

By themselves, with all ability to compare their performance claims to schools in the public sector removed. I'd prefer a different level of documentation, myself.

The two schools Davis wants to stay open will stay open, as special-character schools in the public system, the main difference being the owners will have to account for the money to someone other than themselves. The conflict you'd like to happen here, won't.

The Veteran said...

Naah PM ... weasel words by Labour to get them out of 'their' hole. If you think that the only difference between Charter Schools and State Integrated Schools is the way the accounts are kept then more fool you. Charter Schools pick up the pieces where the State system has failed ... and lets be very clear, Integrated Schools are State Schools in all but name.