Tuesday, August 22, 2017


The iPad I inherited from Swmbo when we  upgraded her's a year ago has headlines from stuff and the horrid still revealed on startup.
All some what in vain really as they rarely get the click they are designed to garner.

This morning they included a doozie that reflects how deeply the horrid has sunk into the swamp

The heads up was for an upcoming panel discussion as to the abilities for Simon 'Bill' English to "be" prime minister.

Did I miss something as I have a recollection that that man has been Prime Minister for eight months following eight years as deputy, occasionally stepping in to the top job when the real one was away and all the while successfully delivering as minister of finance.
The still, inexplicably, number one dead tree print journal needs to discuss his abilities?

Simpson on a unicycle, why not an in depth reveal on the massive and total dearth of proven abilities to Run anything beyond a toilet block, so far publically out there for the poster child they have been indulging in an orgy of mindless drivel on, since it seems for ever.

M's Taxcinda Ardern never held  a job in the world of commerce,
Attendee in a young communist talkfest where the comrade from NZ was elected chairman, then spent time in the Middle East and China
Fill in shift worker at a fish and chip outlet never revealed for time served,
A groupie in the Tony Blair coterie,
A similar position of learning opportunity with H1 and Phil  Goof,
Graduated as Batchelor of communications from Waikato,
Now promoted to the latest contestant in "Survivor Labour", actually contestant number six.

Now there is an investigation for a panel to assess suitability for PM in real time.

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