Saturday, August 5, 2017


Those of you who have bothered to access my profile will have picked up that I have a passing interest in League although my passion is Rugby as our nation's game.

I guess my interest in League stems from the fact that it provides a pathway forward for many kids in our most disadvantaged communities.   Having said that my contacts in the game are increasingly concerned at the amount of money sucked up by the Warriors to the determent of League's grass-roots support.

One can understand their frustration given the results of today's matches.   The Junior Warriors, last in the Holden Cup table, were absolutely smashed by Newcastle 70-4 while, in the Telstra Premiership, the Warriors, with their season on the line, capitulated miserably to the bottom placed Newcastle Seniors.

This week League commentators from across the ditch laid the blame for the Warriors woeful performance on the lack of 'bottle' by NZ born players in the team with a subset that there were too many Pacifica and Maori members in  the playing roster.    I steer clear of that argument except to say that the Warriors as they stand right now are in danger of becoming League's laughing stock.

Something has to change and it's more than just the coach(es).


Anonymous said...

Is that one of the disadvantaged kids being helped up??? Can I join?

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... leave Mrs Veteran out of it.

pdm said...

I am struggling to work out the significance of the photo Vet. But that joker must surely know the hair on his head is not going to grow if he continues to keep it in the shade.

Shelldrake said...

Before I conducted a physical test on any new (or even current player) I would require them to undertake an IQ test and psychometric profiling to establish if they are capable of being a team player, absorbing and understanding a team plan, exhibit mental resilence and show committment.

Currently most of these qualities are blatantly absent. The supporters also need to accept these qualities in their players.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... we all live in hope.