Sunday, August 6, 2017


The Maori Party had the chance to be a huge voice for Maoridom.   And then Maori politics got in the way when Hone H threw his toys out of the cot and split the vote allowing Labour to regain dominance in the Maori seats.   Ngapuhi have a habit of screwing up big time.

Just why those on the Maori roll continue to see Labour as 'their' Party remains a mystery to me.    The reality is that over time Labour has treated their Maori MPs as voting cannon fodder and fed them scraps.

That aside, my prediction is that the Maori Party will not be part of the government whoever wins the election.

Winston First has made it clear he doesn't want a bar of them and it's not in his interest to champion them.   Do the numbers ... Winston 15-17 MPs vs the Maori Party with 2 at most.  That makes it pretty much a slam dunk.   Their fate will be sealed if the vote to abolish the Maori seats goes ahead.   I use the word 'if' advisedly because while Winston is a man of his word (chortle) he has many bottom lines and the reality is that some of them will be subject to trade-off in the negotiations to form a government.

Whatever, the Maori Party is destined to be but a footnote in the history books.   Their time has come and gone.    They, along with the Maori seats, are an anachronism.   The reality is that the NZ body politik has matured to the point where neither are needed.

p.s.  Not so Oz it appears but then their indigenous people and Maori are light years apart.


paul scott said...

I would be surprised if Winston does not realise that the referendum is the only way to a legacy, and the statue I will commission of him.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

In this case Paul, I agree with him.

He does not need to be PM. Why be one of many PMs when he could be the only person capable of negotiating an end to Maori electorates?

If he achieves that, his legacy will last as long as that of his namesake.