Wednesday, August 9, 2017


1 The sperm donor,
2 The man (small m) who avoided his paternal responsibilities with your connivance
3 The child now adult who you involved in your admitted fraud,
4 The land lord alleged to be number one suspect in 1
5 The mother(flatmate).
6 The near miss Mother in law, ex NZLP MP, ex Mayor of North shore, granny.
7 A Grandad

Or are others yet to be named and shamed who want anonymity?

If Me Tu had a shred of concern for any of those she shamelessly involved in her acts of criminal activity, she would have kept her mouth shut and if a reveal was threatened just resigned and kept all those co conspirators out of her tawdry self promotion that she is now suggesting to be too much.

Then "the pressure" that precipitated the reduction in income would never have been  brought to bear.

There is still a man (another small m) who has hitched his nag to the same hitching rail at the last chance saloon who needs to make a sincere apology to Clendon and Graham and take the last stage out of Dodge.


Andrei said...

"2 The man (small m) who avoided his paternal responsibilities with your connivance"

How do you know he did? Her child's paternal family might not be very happy right now which may have something to do with the very sudden decision to resign

And after all her paternal Grandma was a Labour MP who campaigned as a Grandmother, her campaign literature being illustrated with her surrounded by her grandchildren including little Piupiu

Lolita brother said...

I get the feeling that Graham and Clendon found out that this is no place for white men over 50, who have any conservative values.
I found out much younger when Rod Donald joined my branch of the Greens in Christchurch 1998 [ I think 1998, I kept his application for years, then lost it ]

gravedodger said...

Andrei a little matter that Me TU did not name Mr Hartley Jnr in her fraud to avoid him "being hasseled", her words early in the revelations.
Welfare rely on accurate honest information in applications for benefits and then regularly as renewals occur.

Without such fiduciary duty from applicants the system is fraught with honest applicants tainted even to a degree of denial of lawful entitlement.

Andrei said...

GD perhaps we will get to hear from Mr Hartley jnr in the fullness of time - this saga has a way to run and a can of worms has been opened

But a spectacular own goal has been scored and that's a fact

Anonymous said...

Andrei...own goal is not not a part of the NZ are well read on matters New Zealand but not one of us......I have see you in the Independent's comment section under another name.....just fuck off.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Lolita Brother........Funny the last time I saw Rod was in 1998 he was the leader of the Greens,,,,meteoric rise would you not say?

Tell me where his office was in CHC and it ain't on Wiki?

Lord Egbut