Saturday, August 12, 2017


The ARU from its bed in ICU has decided to cut the Perth based  Western Force from Super Rugby!

Western Australia has a much longer tradition in Rugby Union than the other candidate facing execution, The Melbourne Rebels and has in its corner a mining magnate who is backing a probable Supreme Court challenge.

Melbourne and wider Victoria have a spectacular history in sport, hell two flies on a window will draw a crowd in seconds, but not in union. Aussie Rules began in that state and still dominates today with clubs such as Essendon, Hawthorn, Collingwood, Carlton having tribal affiliations that make The Bloods and The Crips look pale as far as Passion is concerned
Yes Melbourne has great creds as a sporting mecca but again not for Union. The ARL club based there has succeeded beyond all expectations but it was created by money and was eventually tripped up when The NSW based ARL discovered creative accounting systems that underpinned their very quick success in winning allegedly the toughest competition in world sport.
 Western Australia has greater credentials for continuing as a leg of the Super Rugby experiment with a burgeoning South African population added to an already numerous NZ ex pat mob. Also en route from NZ and The Eastern states that host The Reds in Queensland, The Warratahs in Sydney and the scratch mob formed by the rejects from those two set up in Canberra who have been by far the more formidable outfit aptly named The Brumbies on the haul to The Republic

Going into Melbourne with the Rebels has caused a hiccup in Rugby development in the Lucky country. This year in an unenviable record setting new low standard, the Five ARU franchises have failed to win a single match against the five NZ teams. The Brumbies in a daft conference system gained a "Home Quarter Final" when their points gained in round robi were behind the Fifth NZ, Team The Blues.

Rugby Supremo Bill Culver has fallen on his sword but years too late, his last Hurrah being remembered as he slipped on the blood soaked floor as the removal of West Australia's franchise from Super Rugby.

Will the very strong rugby presence in WA end up Following The Kings and The Cheetahs from the now reduced South Africa Conference to play in Europe and accept the time zone facet.

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