Wednesday, August 2, 2017


A change in Party leadership, once upon a time was accompanied by a "honeymoon period" where every one gave space and time for things to settle into a normal service resumed mode.
The last twenty four hours have been nothing resembling such a romantic interlude to accompany Ms Adern's elevation to the job she has repeatedly claimed publicly she does not want. It has all the hallmarks of extra curricular activity on the fringe of "Woodstock" with an orgy of over indulgence in drugs, sex and rock and roll.
The NZLP have abandoned the union hack with zero history of commercial enterprise and the aligned need to make decisions that will yield a net return for  owners and embraced an even lesser equipped pretty face who has a penchant to call everyone she works with as Comrade.
Some are still equating the Labour party c2017 as "center left", that is a frontend loader bucket of Bull Excrement. John Key, anyone remember him, took National to a place where they suffocated that space. I understand that in a pragmatic grasp of political reality, that worked really well for him as he adopted many of the policies that Little searched for with similar success to the search for "the missing million".

Little Miss Muffet will be turfed off her tuffet as soon as Robbo " I will not challenge again", sees the time to be right to reset his GPS to reach the position as New Zealand's first openly homosexual Prime Minister. I use the openly designation  deliberately.

Ms Adern well might succeed the way the media almost as one, have embraced her as the third coming, but for one who is still deluding many with her greatest success so far being elected as Chair of or was that 'general secretary' of International Union of Socialist Youth, tell her she's dreaming.
Call me old fashioned but if there is one facet of the modern politician that is a glaring deficit, it is the mind numbing suffocation that book learned pollies bring to governance due to a total disconnect as to how the real world works in a world dominated by market forces.

Poll driven, embrace every itch needing scratching, using other people's money, rule for every minority no matter how deviant or irrelevant, governance, that would see any CEO or board supremo moved on by lunch time, survives as a roadblock to real wealth creation for the betterment of all.
The lady who's administration ironically shares its birthday with many of the equine population of the world,  needs to make serious changes to the NZLP chariot before her loyal intended subjects bend their knee to her stated unwanted, and far beyond her pay grade, new job description.


Psycho Milt said...

Yeah, it's annoying to see the media feting a politician of little substance merely because they're relaxed and confident in their dealings with journalists. I certainly found the media's feting of John Key pretty annoying, anyway. Them's the breaks.

gravedodger said...

If I may be so bold the new leader is kinder on the eye than the teletubby from Wigram standing close.