Thursday, August 17, 2017


Labour, Winston First and the Greens are all committed, to a greater or lessor degree, to imposing a tax on something they don't own and, in doing so, are opening the doors to Maoridom to demand a slice of the action they they don't own either.

This policy made on the hoof and with no-one prepared to put a number on it has the potential to severely undermine our agricultural and horticulture industry (and that's just for starters).

OK, this isn't an issue for Labour as in their lexicon farmers are all 'rich pricks' and they know they are about as welcome in rural New Zealand as a pork chop in a Synagogue.

Consider this ... in another life Mrs Veteran and I owned a small holding of prime market gardening land just outside Pukekohe.    In farming the land we drew our water from the town supply.   Our next door neighbours were not so fortunate.    They had their own bore.    Under Labour's policy our water would not be taxed while our neighbours would be.   Perhaps some apologist from planet Labour might take the trouble to explain the equity in that.   Silly me, I forgot, tax town supply and you're taxing Labour voters ... question answered.

But I repeat yet again ... this has nothing to do with helping to preserve the environment and everything to do with auctioning off your birthright to Maori in search of votes.


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The Realist said...

There will be an army of tax collectors snooping around people's back yards checking roof-water tanks and leaving a tax invoice in the letterbox.