Tuesday, August 1, 2017

More Fiddling

Some days ago I blogged bout Stuff changing the methodology used for their poll of polls.  I had the temerity to suggest they were trying to skew the results.

Well, hallelujah!     Straight from the horse's mouth, via Stuff Politics.

The Greens may well be onto a winner but our poll of polls requires any significant jump to be repeated in multiple different polls before it shows strongly.
"So what does our poll of polls show, compared with the Colmar Brunton result?
National is at 45.6 per cent, compared with 47 per cent on the Colmar Brunton survey. Labour is 27 per cent compared with 24. The Greens 13.8 versus 15 and NZ First 9.5 versus 11."

There you have it.  They wanted a poorer result for National and a better result for Labour.

It doesn't matter what they do or say,the opinion polls will not move.  That is, until they work out how to falsify the figures.

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