Saturday, August 5, 2017


While the NZ media indulges in an orgy of deification over what happened  in the beltway, another story was unfolding across the Tasman. A story that although pertinent to the core issues around the Climate Change debate has been all but ignored.

Against a backdrop of ONE POINT FOUR BILLION DOLLARS every year  being thrown out of our life boat, from a pot  said by some to be unable to deliver in sufficient quantities to support  beneficiaries in NZ, to a honey pot at the UN,  a fraud of one more beneficiary whose scant regard for fellow disadvantaged citizens struggling while staying within the rules of state assistance, saw  her callously throw  honest ones under  the bus for her advancement. A story that dominates the media cycle and continues ---.

On another planet, a contributing misuse of taxpayer funding that underpins the nightmare that is scheduled to take 14 billion from the NZ economy in the next decade, continues amidst allegations of manipulation by those in Australia who are benefiting financially and enjoying unwarranted job security in propping up the edifice.

Record low temperatures at Goulburn on the Hume highway and Thredbo in the Snowy mountains in early June were recorded below minus 10 degrees Centigrade.
Jennifer Marohasy,  author scientist and speaker discovered the Australian Bureau of Meteorology had removed the data that is rather inconvenient to the AGW scam and raised the alarm to the attempt to manipulate such erroneous figures. An alert that came when the minus 10.4 c figures subsequently disappeared from the weather bureau website
By way of explanation a new word  came into the already extensive vocabulary of the masters of  troughing  at the Bureau.
" The figures were outside the normal range that the Bureau logarithms accept as input  data" and therefore needed to be, wait for it, HOMOGENISED!!!
Not altered, not massaged, not corrected to fit the narrative, HOMOGENISED.

With Skynews reporting a weather warning for Victoria this weekend for another storm with winds, rain and freezing temperatures (yeah I understand weather and climate), many Australasians are regarding this winter  in serious need of some warming. Just ask the players who endured the conditions in the game between the Highlanders and Crusaders a couple of weeks ago, Feketoa looked in onset hypothermia with five minutes to go and Jack Goodhue in an interview screened some twenty minutes after finalwhistle was similarly suffering. Of course we dont know how much time had actually passed.

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