Thursday, August 10, 2017

Legalising Cannabis

Here's a gentle reminder to all the armchair law makers and effette lefties who want to legalise the production and sale of cannabis -= arguing that if it's legal the crims will get out of the business.

A young Sydny crim by the name of Michael Ibrahim (funny how all the Aussie crims these days seem to be Ayrabs) was arrested in Dubai with a suitcase in which he was carrying $1.8m in cash.

"I was just going to buy some smokes!" he told the austerities.  Yep, 900,000 packs of twenty.

Black market ciggies are big business in Australia and so will be black market legal cannabis.

This fellow was just one part of a larger transaction involving over a billion dollars worth of tobacco and narcotics, masterminded from The Netherlands.


David said...

The Right sure loves them some racism. It isn't enough for Adolf that Ibrahim is a criminal, he must also be an "Ayrab".

News Flash Adolf - Ibrahim is Australian born, an Australian citizen, and has Lebanese bloodlines. Lebanese are no more Arabs than Jews or Iranians.

Must be hard living in such a tiny bubble where all dark skinned people are "Ayrabs".

Anonymous said...

Label them however you like but from my admittedly limited dealings with Lebanese in NZ I'd draw the distinction along religious lines. Lebanon was once a nice country but then Islam decided to reform and now we have a dump. Is there a pattern I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Anon...Initiated by Falangist Christians....get it right.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what his ethnicity is: He's a crim.