Thursday, August 10, 2017

Increasingly Irrelevant with errors and overt bias galore.

As is her wont, Swmbo is trying to get a handle on the days activities by watching the State funded TV infotainment hour.

I now know someone wants to mine, for commercial advantage, Iron Sands from the Sth Taranaki bLight!!!

I am also aware that for the second night running Greenpeace has again become "news" with an item fronted by the one time Poster boy for Queensland Communists who spent time in NZ  as a Co leader of a Party hoping to compete for seats in the Parliament now reduced to one unco leader
Also during this prime time for Advertising, a coincidental advert  employing  remarkably similar branding for that currently in deep sh*t  party, has Greenpeace advertising time in situ. Gee isn't that odd.

Then in a self promotion blurb for an investigation as to should "fitness facilitators" be forced to "PAY" to use public parks in pursuit of  a small attempt at self reliance.

Of course it wont be very long before another Hi Vis jerkin adorned clip board bearing neo fascist  wants to put a dog walker through interrogation as to are they making filthy lucre from walking some other person's dog in a designated  no fee dog exercise area funded by long suffering ratepayers.

WE wonder at the activity of Cell Phone toting "Beggars" polluting our streets???

A couple of years ago a local Plod, going by the moniker Gadget, threatened with an as yet not disclosed why, "ticket",  for a grand father with a past as a law abiding petrol head, now retired, who had his 4yo grandson on an otherwise totally vacant recreation ground in a very basic toy mini go cart under close supervision.

Tomorrow night will there be a next episode of how we are going to hell in a hand cart because we don't exercise, oh hang on it will be sugar first, maybe that will be next week's big item!


The Veteran said...

I grew up not too far from Patea. Since the freezing works closed in the late 1960s the town has been on the decline. A fair majority of residents subsist on welfare ... and along comes a long established industry offering work and Green lovelies set out deliberately to frighten local Maori oppose the move for 'environmental' reasons. It's as if the work done by the industry to mitigate possible concerns wasn't worth the paper it was written on.

Pray tell what commercial fishers (or any fishers) will be disadvantaged by this ... amswer. zip, zero. nothing.

Well done the EPA and the DMC for rejecting the love(lies) bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Presumably you are talking about seabed mining for ironsands off the coast it probably will only happen on a minor scale and perhaps not at all and certainly will not employ many if any of the locals.

"A pre-commencement monitoring plan must collect two years’ worth of data before mining commences. That data, and subsequent monitoring data during the operations, will further inform management plans and operational decisions, as required by the consent conditions.

The decision is subject to appeal on points of law by the applicant and any submitters. The consents commence after any appeals have been resolved."

Lord Egbut

George said...

The bit that amuses me is how the greens carp on about the danger to sea mammals with all the noise and such.
Dolphin and whales have this ability not recognised by the nutters to move away from disturbances.
They live in the Tasman sea which is a lot of space, sure, occasionally a sleeping whale will be struck by a passing ship and a small dolphin species will be eaten by a larger..
Are the nutters aware of the massive movements of undersea real estate during storms?
Will they go out on their surf boards to confront Neptune over that ?

Anonymous said...

George.......please try and do a modicom of research before calling people nutters. There is no movement of sediment during storms below a certain depth.

"In deep water, the water particles are moved in a circular orbital motion when a wave passes. The radius of the circle of motion for any given water molecule decreases exponentially with increasing depth. The wave base, which is the depth of influence of a water wave, is about half the wavelength. At depths greater than half the wavelength, the water motion is less than 4% of its value at the water surface and may be neglected."

The danger is "sea deforestion" over a wide area with the soft coral, a part of the food chain, being killed. It is like chapping down trees then wondering where all the birds have gone.

The area affected depends on currents, tides and type of overlaying sediment, if it is pure iron sand the affected area will be small if it is clay based then the lunar landscape will be vast.

Lord Egbut