Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fact Test Failed.

The NZ Herald purports to engage in so-called fact checking.

However, like it's American counterparts who designate themselves 'fact checkers,' the checking is pretty selective and does not withstand even cursory scrutiny.  Let's face it, for at least five years now, the Herald has been the print media wing of the Labour Party and other leftist hangers on.

You can get no better example than this gem in which thee oleaginous organ seeks to cover for Turei.

Conclusion: English did claim allowances he should not have been given because of an indirect interest in his family trust, but was cleared of personal and deliberate wrongdoing based on the rules at the time. Politically it is a matter of opinion whether the English and Turei situations align - English was pilloried as a hypocrite for maximising his own taxpayer-funded entitlements while tightening the public purse strings during the Global Financial Crisis.

Good God!  A matter of opinion?

English acted on advice from the authorities at the time while Turei told calculated lies to WINZ in order to deliberately obtain substantial benefits to which she knew all along she was not entitled.

Not room there for opinion.

The pathetic Herald just failed the fact check test.


Psycho Milt said...

They did fail, I guess. Their conclusion doesn't mention that Double Dipton's accommodation allowance claims were based on his deliberate, calculated, false declaration that he lived in Dipton.

A more courageous publication would have also invited the public to consider why the perp might have decided to put his house in a family trust with his wife as the beneficiary, a decision that allowed him to claim more than the $24,000 limit on the spurious basis that he didn't own the house.

This conclusion is also tosh: English was subjected to as much scrutiny as Turei.

On the face of it, sure. However, Turei's indiscretions happened decades ago when she was an unemployed Maori dropout. English's indiscretions were while he was serving as a fucking cabinet minister, and the one in charge of the nation's finances, for fuck's sake - should the media coverage of those really be equal?

gravedodger said...

Of course Simon had a house in Dipton, it even happened to be situated in the electorate that sent him to the Capital where promotion and additional to his electorate work, extra duties had a reasonable requirement for permanent digs for his family.
The very same Capital where the bunch of Green MPs set up their "Rent Rort", when they had no reason not to move to the Capital City for their primary place of work with no ties to any specific electorate.

Eventually such reverting to an historic event now resolved and settled to be complying with the law, begins to tire along with other events such as the then widely viewed with distaste my many, attack on Moyle by Muldoon and many other mistakes from the past.

Me Tu has currently reignited an event from twenty five years ago in what I view as a very stupid and doomed to miss sniper shot. It is her arrogance, disconnect and smugness in expecting the voting public to just accept an act of fraud that frustrates nearly every contributor to the funds she misappropriated by telling porkies.

Of course her big reveal may have a similar level of veracity as Rufus Painter, her notions of the truth are somewhat in doubt but that is a common hazard faced by liars and fraudsters.

Anonymous said...

"English acted on advice of authorities at the time". For Goodness sake he was in the Cabinet at the time if not Min of Fin so the advice would be of the nudge, nudge, wink, wink type by a bunch of yesmen.
There's no getting away from it. He tried to south $32,000 but that appears to be forgotten while Metiria Turei's lapse is treated as the end of civilization as we know it. Some people have no sense of proportion.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fred 2

Ever the idiot.

Anonymous said...

No considered answer..Adolf just descends to personal abuse. And he calls me an idiot. Well..that says it all.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Today's events prove my judgement to be pretty accurate.

Your slur on the public servants advising ministers was that of an idiot. A prize fool, in fact.

Anonymous said...

You have certainly proved yourself a Master of Personal Abuse. Pity you haven't other qualities.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodbye Fred

Waikikamukau News said...

Fred2, what you are are seeing here is the usual pattern exhibited by Adolf DLT and other Trumpians/Right Whingers/Godbotherers.

He starts out all nice and reasonable, but is incapable of sustaining a thought long enough to respond to anything that does not praise and agree with him. He descends into abuse and vitriol almost as fast as a Trump denied twitter.

There are only 2 people on this blog who are constant;y permitted to get away with personal abuse - Adolf DLT and the sherry soaked OAP from Akaroa.