Friday, August 4, 2017


You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately ... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

And that just about sums it up.   Some would argue (including some who inhabit this blog) that Turei's benefit fraud was a youthful indiscretion and that she deserves some credit for outing herself (before she was outed?).   But what I can't countenance is her shear arrogance in parading the fraud as a badge of courage.    No contrition ... rather an attempt to martyr herself as a victim of the system. 

But to my mind a far greater problem for her is her now admitted electoral fraud.   Benefit fraud and your are ripping off the taxpayer; electoral fraud and you're challenging the very heart of the electoral process.   Many will recall Labour MP Reg Boorman, convicted of the same offence and stripped of his seat.   For years the Boorman name featured as a single page entry  in the Wairarapa Electoral Roll headed 'Persons banned for Voting'.

Turei could now join him.   At the very least she should resign and resign now.

Updated 1:42 ... Turei's 'out' but 'staying in' ... go figure.    Somewhat akin to being only a little bit pregnant.   Still, in the 'Mad Hatter' world of Green Party politics I guess anything is possible. 


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What IS extraordinary is the byzantine complexity of the fraud; its careful planning, the three to five year duration of the fraud and the fraudster's total lack of comprehension as to how her financial and electoral fraud would be be perceived.

David said...

jesusonawakeboard, but the Right sure loves them some thugs.

Oliver Cromwell - a regicidal military dictator.

Makes Turei look almost saintly.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

"No contrition"

When prisoners appear in front of the parole board they must show an understanding of their wrongdoing, and regret. If these do not occur, they are unlikely to be released (no earlier than having served their full sentence anyway).

That is because if neither occur they are considered a risk for re-offending.

Andrei said...

She shows no contrition because she has none

She is a user and a taker - She obviously used the DPB to fund her education, had a great time at university playing politics on taking money extracted from hard working family men by the Government and who could have spent it on their children who in their turn had to pay for their own education

My daughter paid for her education by working as an aid in an old peoples home for five years - and not by being a slut who got up the duff bringing a bastard child into the world to be supported by the State while mummy played politics and ran for the Mcgillicuddy Serious Party

She disgusts me, utterly disgusts me, and she demonstrates who the Greens really are and what really they stand for

She and her party are beneath contempt and hopefully this will see the end of them and good riddance

Psycho Milt said...

The Green Party must be shitting itself, knowing that right-wing bloggers are now unlikely to give it their party vote on election day...

Psycho Milt said...

My favourite comment on this so far from the Standard:

The country’s loss, but it also means that the Greens will have a leader outside Cabinet, not bound by collective responsibility.

Oh, gosh, am I talking like the election result will have a labgrn cabinet? Wow, it’s almost like the nats getting their knickers in a twist over Turei has backfired into media discussions about what a labgrn government will look like.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well actually no, Milt.

I've got a grin from ear to ear knowing that today Jacinda Ardern made sure this will be the dominant issue for the next six weeks and that swing voters will hold their noses rather than vote for the Ardern/Turei cabal. She just made Labour as toxic to middle NZ as are the Greens.

Psycho Milt said...

She just made Labour as toxic to middle NZ as are the Greens.

Er, hello? Turei just inoculated Labour against any guilt-by-association bullshit among Labour's more conservative supporters, and at the same time spiked the Dirty Politics team's guns (they were probably already working on the "Labour means a crim in cabinet!" attack lines when Turei made her announcement). And for potential Green voters, and Labour's less-conservative supporters, she's still getting her message onto the news ("Politicians decide if we have poverty in this country, politicians decide if we end it. That is the point of my story" - that's pure fucking propaganda gold, that is). She's one tough player - underestimate her at your peril, Nats.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Are you filming all this in Technicolor? Would make a great movie, if only it were true.

The Veteran said...

PM ... so, if you can live with benefit fraud and electoral fraud what does it actually take in your mind for Turei to be declared persona non grata ... anything?

Psycho Milt said...

You're OK with Bill English having made false declarations for an accommodation supplement, and with John Key having registered in an electorate he didn't live in, so on what basis are you demanding I shouldn't be OK with Turei having done the same things? At least hers were youthful indiscretions from decades ago - your guys did those things as MPs.

But OK, I'll play. If it turned out, say, that during a Labour/Green government an MP had committed a criminal act serious enough to get them dismissed from Parliament, and that senior members of the government had known about it but had used the PM's discretionary fund to try and buy the victim's silence, and then lied about it for 18 months, I would seriously want those involved to resign and to be investigated, and if necessary prosecuted.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, you really do seem keen to indulge in some defamation action. That's twice in one week.

I'm unaware of Bill English making a false declaration. Please elucidate.

Psycho Milt said...

As I recall it, he claimed to live in Dipton while actually living in Wellington.

The Veteran said...

PM ... airbrushing history ... again. BE's family home was in Dipton, he was the MP there. He was down there every week. He also had a second home in Wgtn which he choose to live in ensuing a ministerial home. Many MPs I know of from outside Wgtn and from both sides of the House have second homes in Wgtn for a whole variety of reasons and, in doing so, claim the Wgtn allowance. Key too; home in Helensville and residence in Parnell. If you want to pursue this we can also examine the living arrangements of Cabinet members when Clarke was in power. Phil Goff; flat in Wgtn, home in Clevedon, MP for Roskill, ministerial home in Wgtn. Do I have to go on? I can if you wish to including the interesting case of Marian Hobbs. Look, it was accepted the rules at that time were loose. They have since been tightened up.

Your attempt to whitewash your poster girl resonates with me NOT and I will bet you dollars to donuts that the next poll shows a real slide in Green support helped along by the fact her shill team won't acknowledge Turei in her birthday suit ain't a pretty sight.

Psycho Milt said...

"Airbrushing history" - appropriate in this context. Before he became an MP, English lived and worked in Wellington, as did his wife. After he became an MP, he lived and worked in Wellington, as did his wife. At the time he made the false declaration of living in Dipton, he hadn't lived there for decades.

And if Labour MPs genuinely were making similar false declarations, how does that alter the fact that you're OK with Bill English doing it as a wealthy cabinet minister, but not Metiria Turei doing it as a broke single mother long before she became an MP?

Andrei said...

Yes PM Bill English did do some creative accounting within the rules to feather his own nest

He did have a residence in Dipton though - even though in reality his life and that of his immediate family was in Wellington

But Turiana is a piece of work - I'd forgive youthful indiscretions but she shows no remorse and actually tried to make political capital out of a selective retelling of her rorting of the DPB which got her in the shit in the first place hoist by her own petard - this isn't a hit from her political opponents but an own goal of massive proportions

Nor do I believe her explanation for her electoral roll address - it doesn't add up

She also hounded David Garret for his youthful indiscretions which ended him his political career - sauce for the goose...

The Veteran said...

Andrei's ... got it. Creative accounting within the rules as they existed at that time.

And when challenged paid up immediately. For PM ... 'she' lied deliberately and for an extended period ... spot the diff ... and when challenged 'she' didn't volunteer to pay up. Hummed and harred until the kitchen heat got too much.

When you're in a ditch, stop digging.

Psycho Milt said...

Yes PM Bill English did do some creative accounting within the rules to feather his own nest

Ah, there's that Nat/ACT catchphrase again: "It was within the rules!"

It's in the nature of ruling classes to create rule sets that enable them to enrich themselves from the public purse while running punitive enforcement of very much less generous rules for the poor. It must suck for them that Turei's successfully put that on the political agenda, so I can see why the attacks are so intense. Not a side I'd want to be on, though.

...she shows no remorse...

Well, neither did Bill - he ran that much-loved "It was within the rules" line to claim he'd done nothing wrong, and grumbled that he was only paying the money back because it was making the government look bad. The thing is though, of course she shows no remorse - the whole fucking point was to make public that this is what National's cuts to social welfare have brought about. Expressions of remorse would negate the purpose of the announcement.

Nor do I believe her explanation for her electoral roll address - it doesn't add up

I don't believe John Key's explanation for registering in an electorate he didn't live in either - but one's opinion is of little value outside one's own head.

She also hounded David Garret for his youthful indiscretions which ended him his political career

What screwed Garrett was having it become public that he'd committed a crime, then applied for name suppression and discharge without conviction, while he was busy running a "get touch on crime" campaign. If Turei had been making a political career out of cracking down on benefit fraud, yes she would be in the same league as Garrett and would have to go.

'she' lied deliberately and for an extended period ... a 23-year-old broke single mother with no political responsibility. The current PM lied deliberately and for an extended period as a cabinet minister, and in the case of his lying about the Todd Barclay affair, also as Prime Minister. I don't think Turei's going to be able to top that.

Andrei said...

" a 23-year-old broke single mother with no political responsibility"

You make out that a single mother is some sort of victim - well she opened her legs for the father of the child and still was on good enough terms with him to use his address on the electoral roll

She should have married him and he should have taken responsibility for his child and her instead of expecting the taxpayer to pick up the tab

I married the mother of my children and took responsibility for them and I bet the Veteran did the same - and we get shit all over by scoundrels like Metiria Turei who on our dime get educated then go into parliament and enact laws against our interests and the interests of our families and families in general

Psycho Milt said...

Thank you for putting that out there. If you strip away all the bullshit, what this is actually about for NZ's grumpy-old-man population is girls not being appropriately punished for fornication.

Andrei said...

No PM it is a about real men taking responsibility for their dependents and everybody taking responsibility for their own actions