Saturday, August 12, 2017


So, you've made it clear you're going to tax water and give some of that tax to Maori to compensate them for something they don't own.

But you won't tell us the rate of that tax.   You are asking for the electorate to give you a blank cheque and, in doing so, you're  treating voters with contempt.   Whats so wrong with the great unwashed having the information to allow them to make an informed decision?

The answer from Labour ... we won't give you the number because if we did it would provide an attack line for National.   What piffle ... what arrogant socialist piffle.

Consider this ... What would be the reaction if National had gone into the election promising tax cuts but refusing to put a number on them ... answer, their announcement would have been treated with derision and quite rightly so.  

We're entitled to hold Labour to the same standard ... hold on, silly me ... I forgot,  informed decisions and Labour are a dirty word.  What are 'they' hiding ... what won't they tell us?   C'mon Labour, honest up.


macdoctor said...

Actually, I am hoping Labour will not front up with actual figures. Think of the hit ads National can run:

"$100 for a bottle of Milk? $18 for a cabbage? Only a vote for National will protect you from this insanity!"

The Realist said...

How can they tax water when the government does not legally own it?

Anonymous said...

Realist......they own the means of distribution.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

Yes Mac is correct here. I think the water on her brain is causing clinical symptoms.
I still think the entire left will come in at less than 44 % .
A big grenade landing in Bill's office soon. The entire HIYA and public system IT personal data system is shared everywhere and leaking badly.
Some of the data on it is black and dirty. People are going to be very angry.
Remember JK "I'll resign if ..." black chickens on their way home now apparently.

Noel said...

Aw I dunno.
National signals its policies by the Budget with delayed action dates until after the election.
Labour in opposition dont have the purse yet and make bold promises without costings.
Gee aint that the way elections have always been?

The Realist said...

Lord Egbert: that is not universally true.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... to a degree you're right but the tax cuts have already been passed into law.
But 'bold' promises without costings is lazy and disingenuous and policy on the hoof. It's already starting to unravel. Egbut ... local government owns the means of distribution and when you pay your water rates you're not paying for the water but for the cost of the infrastructure needed to deliver it to your home. Many consider rates to be a tax (as it happens, I don't) and GST on rates a tax on a tax. Labour's proposal opens the door to a tax on a tax on a tax from something 'they' don't own but they think Maori do. This is a clusterfuck of huge proportions and Paul, don't get too prissy either ... 'your' mob with 'your' proposal to tax bottled water (which you yourself caned in an earlier post) and you've aligned yourself with Labour. Can tell you that's going down well in Northland with Pakeha voters ... NOT.

This issue could well be the defining issue in the election.